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St. Patricks Day

  1. vulture lists
    11 Great St. Patrick’s Day TV Episodes to StreamFeaturing (surprise!) multiple shows set at bars.
  2. ☘️
    Nancy Pelosi Outdoes Herself, Introduces Riverdance“What, you like that, father?”
  3. vulture sports
    Tom Brady Says He’s Leaving Boston, on St. Patrick’s Day of All DaysCheck in on the Bostonian in your life.
  4. snl
    Bill Hader Celebrates St. Paddy’s Day in Cut-for-Time SNL SketchThe latest in the show’s “eloquent weirdo reviews holiday traditions” sketch series.
  5. dancing like no one is watching
    Jerry O’Connell Guest-Hosting The Wendy Williams Show Is a Bizarro TreatA wig flies.
  6. 13 Scenes From the Leprechaun Movies That Feel Too Absurd to ExistYes, that’s Jennifer Aniston.
  7. last night on late night
    The Late Show Wrote a Newer, Better Version of the Irish Classic ‘Danny Boy’Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
  8. Stephen Colbert Commissioned a New and Less Depressing Version of ‘Danny […]To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, Stephen Colbert decided to commission a new version of “Danny Boy” so it would be less full of […]
  9. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with These Classic Conan O’Brien ClipsTo celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, earlier today longtime Conan writer/performer Brian Stack tweeted out two classic late night clips featuring a […]
  10. Bill Tull Shares Some Money-Saving St. Patrick’s Day TipsAhead of St. Patrick’s Day, Conan’s super frugal prop master Bill Tull shared some holiday-themed tips during last night’s show. Whether you’re […]
  11. it’s not easy being green
    Kermit & Fallon Sang ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’But it is! On St. Patrick’s Day, at least.
  12. Adult Swim Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with ‘An Buachaill Cé a Ith dá […]Adult Swim has posted the weirdest ode to St. Patrick ever with the above short film An Buachaill Cé a Ith dá Athair, which is really just an […]
  13. Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Megan Mullally, Fred Armisen, Stephen […] To celebrate the joyous holiday of St. Paddy’s Day, Conan gathered its favorite funny people and served ‘em all up a delicious cold green- […]
  14. clickables
    Watch a Short Animated History of Saint Patrick and His DayLearn, then drink.