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    Star Trek: Picard Series-Finale Recap: Captain’s Log, Final EntryStar Trek is a science-fiction franchise where sometimes love saves the day — it makes for a fitting farewell to Picard.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: The Needs of the ManyNo one really wants to think this much about Jean-Luc’s sperm, yet here we are.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: The Gang Is Back Together!Also, Jack Crusher might be a changeling?
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: Utter DisasterThis was a really bad plan.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: It’s a Heist!The return of yet another beloved character and an excellent use of the word burgle.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: A Good Day to DiePicard’s latest cameo brings back a ton of baggage for Picard to deal with.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: Space WombSometimes all it takes to bring everyone together is having a near-death experience.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: Mom and Dad (and Daddy) Are Fighting!Can everyone make up and be best friends again? This is so uncomfortable!
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: GenerationsIt turns out people can change when you haven’t seen them for 20 years.
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    Star Trek: Picard Season-Premiere RecapAs Picard sets out to rescue an old flame, things get messy in the best of ways.
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    Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Looks Borg-eousThe stakes are star high.
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    LeVar Burton Sings Reading Rainbow Theme Song at NYCCRainbows and books were the final frontier at NYCC.
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    Watch the Picard Season-Two Trailer: Oh No Q Didn’t!Also known as Look What Q Made Me Do.
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    Is There Any Hope for Picard?The series still has the potential to reach greatness, but only if it can engage the Star Trek franchise’s most essential quality.
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    Star Trek: Picard Season Finale Recap: Not All Good ThingsA peculiar final act ties up loose ends at warp speed before sending the La Sirena off to parts unknown.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: We Are the RobotsWelcome to Synthville.
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    Alison Pill Has Monopolized TV’s Mysterious Scientist RolesIn Devs and Picard, she’s found a new niche.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: Homeward BoundThe season’s many disparate strands start to come together in an episode that once again toys with notions of fate and free will.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: The One With the Space PizzaPicard reunites with some more old Enterprise crew members who have carved out an idyllic new life for themselves, if not an entirely happy one.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: You Were Never Really HerePicard’s arrival at the Artifact forces him to confront his own Borg past — and that’s the least of his problems this episode.
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    Jeri Ryan Loves Who Star Trek’s Seven of Nine Has Become on PicardAs first, bringing the Voyager character back after nearly 20 years filled the actor with “abject panic.” Then she found the key to this new Seven.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: What Happens on Freecloud Stays on FreecloudWe’ve never seen a planet quite like Freecloud on Trek, but we have most definitely seen the ex-Borg Picard runs into while he’s there.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: A Sort of HomecomingPicard and the rest of the La Sirena crew make a stop on a planet that’s home to some old friends and bad memories.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: EngageThe aptly titled “The End Is the Beginning” wraps up some old business and takes a trip to the past to introduce the last of Picard’s regular cast.
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    Star Trek: Picard Stumbles Over Its Own LegacyPatrick Stewart is as great as ever in the series’s title role, but the show around him is struggling to live up to the standards of its predecessor.
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    Star Trek: Picard Recap: Death on MarsThe series fills in some big blanks regarding Picard’s recent past with Starfleet, and raises some big questions about what comes next.
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    The 14 Best Star Trek Entries to Accompany PicardYou don’t need to have seen these Next Generation episodes and film to understand the new series, but they definitely enrich the experience.
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    Star Trek: Picard Premiere Recap: ReengageOne episode in, this is already a very different show from The Next Generation, but also one deeply informed by its predecessor.
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    Patrick Stewart Has Very Sad Eyes (and Grapes!) in the Star Trek: Picard TrailerWhat happened to the Admiral? Living that vintner life, apparently.
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    Star Trek: Picard Is Bringing Back Data and Seven of NineCheck out the series’ new trailer, fresh off a Comic-Con stage.
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    Set Phasers to Literary! Michael Chabon Is Showrunning Star Trek: PicardChabon, now apparently a TV guy, also wrote a Netflix show.