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Star Trek Beyond

  1. everybody’s a critic
    George Takei Has a New Gripe With Sulu Being Gay“Just hugging the baby and arm around the guy … and it’s over.”
  2. last night on late night
    Chris Pine Is an Anagram for Rich PenisDo you know this? Have you heard about this?
  3. crime
    Man Pulls Gun on Child in Star Trek ScreeningIn Paducah, Kentucky.
  4. review roundup
    What Critics Are Saying About Star Trek BeyondGo for the flash-bangs, stay for the heart. 
  5. movie review
    Review: The Lively Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin knows how to shoot his fights from unexpected angles and with enough spatial-temporal variables to keep us jolt-addicts rocking in our seat.
  6. You Haven’t Seen Everything John Cho Can DoThe ​Star Trek Beyond​ actor on race, Mr. Sulu’s sexuality, and his magical weed-conjuring abilities.
  7. trailer mix
    See the Star Trek Beyond TrailersAbandon ship! Abandon ship!
  8. anton yelchin
    Anton Yelchin’s Parents Thank SupportersIt’s a beautiful statement.
  9. star trek beyond
    Jennifer Lawrence Inspired Star Trek CharacterJust J. Law, earning herself more nerd cred.
  10. intergalactic casting couch
    Jeff Bezos Has a Role in Star Trek BeyondChris Pine was very confused.
  11. coming out
    Takei Against Gay Sulu, But ‘Appreciates’ Choice“While I would have gone with the development of a new character in this instance, I do fully understand and appreciate what they are doing.”
  12. Pegg, Quinto on George Takei’s Reaction to Sulu“I don’t believe Gene Roddenberry’s decision to make the prime timeline’s Enterprise crew straight was an artistic one, more a necessity of the time.”
  13. coming out
    As an Homage to George Takei, John Cho’s Sulu Is Gay in Star Trek BeyondBoldly going where no franchise has gone before.
  14. right-click
    Rihanna Is an Eyebrow-less Space Queen in the ‘Sledgehammer’ Music VideoIt’s her single from the Star Trek: Beyond soundtrack.
  15. trailer mix
    Rihanna Shares Star Trek Single ‘Sledgehammer’Chris Pine and Rihanna, what more could you want?
  16. rihanna
    Rihanna’s Teases New Single ‘Sledgehammer’Thanks, RiRi.
  17. star trek beyond
    Simon Pegg Did Not Love the Star Trek Trailer“There’s a lot more of what I would call ’Star Trek stuff.’”
  18. honest dudes
    George Takei Is Kind of Whatever About the New Star Trek Trailer“It doesn’t have that element that made … Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek what it was.”
  19. aliens
    Idris Elba Not a Klingon in Star Trek BeyondAccording to Justin Lin.
  20. pics or it didn’t happen
    Justin Lin Has a New Star Trek Title and Picture for YouTweet Long and Prosper!