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Star Wars Countdown

  1. star wars countdown
    This 5-Hour Yule-Log Video of Darth Vader Burning Is an Instant Holiday ClassicJust in time for the holidays!
  2. All 19 Star Wars-Themed Sketches Produced By Saturday Night LiveFrom Bill Murray’s lounge singer in 1978 up through Donald Glover’s bit about diversity in a galaxy far, far away.
  3. star wars countdown
    Every Line From a (Non-Leia) Woman in Star WarsTrust us, you definitely have time to watch.
  4. star wars countdown
    Looking Back at New York’s Critical 1977 Review of Star WarsStar Wars will do very nicely for those lucky enough to be children or unlucky enough never to have grown up.”
  5. star wars countdown
    Is Han Solo Legally Justified in Shooting Greedo First? A Lawyer ExplainsReviewing what the Model Penal Code has to say about the Mos Eisley Cantina confrontation.
  6. star wars countdown
    Star Wars and Saturday Night Live’s Long History in 16 SketchesSNL and Star Wars are like kids who grew up down the street from one another, tons of teasing included of course.
  7. star wars countdown
    Everything You Can Learn From Star WarsIt’s the Galactic Common Core, basically.
  8. star wars countdown
    10 Collectors on Rare Star Wars Toys They CovetPerhaps you’ve wondered what to get the collector who has every last Chewie figurine.
  9. a box office force awakens
    7 Key Numbers Behind The Force Awakens’ Record-Setting OpeningA box-office force awakens.
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    If Woody Allen Did Star Wars, It’d Look Like ThisOur latest Vulture Remix is melancholy.
  11. star wars countdown
    Star Wars Ice Cream Flavors, RankedA rare democratic ranking, as determined by Vulture taste-testers.
  12. star wars countdown
    Force Awakens Star Daisy Ridley Evaluates 8 of Her Star Wars Toys“Oooh. Eyebrows on fleek!”
  13. star wars countdown
    30 Bizarre Star Wars Products You Can Buy on EtsyNot necessarily the droids you’re looking for. 
  14. star wars countdown
    Life After Death Star Review: Star Wars & BiggieWhat happens when two disparate pop-culture icons meet, in a galaxy far, far away.
  15. star wars countdown
    What We Learned From the 18 New Star Wars BooksSome are worth reading! Others, not so much.
  16. star wars countdown
    Here’s Star Wars With Entirely Different AudioNothing against John Williams.
  17. star wars countdown
    Star Wars: Battlefront Doesn’t Have the Immersion That You’re Looking ForAs the name implies, the game is about shooting things. The series was about more than that.
  18. star wars countdown
    What to Make of Star Wars’ Insane Ticket SalesBreaking down the box office as we look forward to a film that’s going to break the box office.
  19. Every Star Wars Lightsaber, Ranked From Worst to BestAn elegant listicle for a civilized age.