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Star Wars Rogue One

  1. vulture lists
    What’s New on Netflix: July 2017Lion, Rogue One, and more.
  2. instagramatic
    Riz Ahmed Writes a Touching Post Reflecting on His Breakout Year on Instagram “I wasn’t sure I could carry on doing this.”
  3. Here’s What Disney’s Giant Death Star Looks LikeBeware, the giant golf ball of doom. 
  4. rogue one
    There Won’t Be a Rogue One Sequel to Further Confuse YouCancel your Rogue Two jokes.
  5. film scores are cool
    Reshoots Force Rogue One to Switch ComposersThe production will trade one Oscar winner for another.
  6. star wars
    Gareth Edwards Finally Explains Star Wars: Rogue One’s Title“It has [all] these split, multiple meanings that made it feel like the right choice.”
  7. star wars rogue one
    James Earl Jones Will Return to Voice Darth Vader in Star Wars: Rogue OneVader “looms in the background” of the movie.
  8. star wars rogue one
    Star Wars: Rogue One Brings on Bourne’s Tony Gilroy Amid ReshootsGilory will write new dialogue and assist as a second-unit director.
  9. The Star Wars Rogue One Teaser Trailer Is HereThe movie’s out in December.
  10. teasers for teasers
    Watch the Teaser for the Rogue One TrailerThe official Rogue One trailer drops on Good Morning America tomorrow.
  11. ready player one
    Ben Mendelsohn Is in Talks for Ready Player OneNo more indies for you, Ben Mendelsohn!
  12. star wars
    The Star Wars Stand-alone Films Will All Be Different GenresBut don’t say, “Just like Marvel.”
  13. casting couch
    Forest Whitaker in Talks for Star Wars: Rogue OneFriend or foe?
  14. science is hard
    Rogue One Writer Tweets deGrasse Tyson for HelpStar Trek: 1; Star Wars: 0.
  15. Diego Luna Will Hunk Up Star Wars: Rogue OneThat’s no moon, it’s his eyes!
  16. uh-oh
    Josh Trank Leaves Star Wars FilmThe force is with Trank, but he’s not a Jedi yet.
  17. casting call
    Riz Ahmed in Talks for Star Wars: Rogue OneHe’ll likely join Felicity Jones as a rebel solider.
  18. chat room
    Felicity Jones on True Story, Star Wars, and Oscar Season“It’s a pinch-me moment.”