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State Of Play

  1. sexpositions
    What It’s Like to Be a Movie Body-DoubleA whole lot of stars want Laura Grady’s body. 
  2. drama central
    Is Washington, D.C., the Hardest Place to Shoot Movies in America?Thanks to overzealous local authorities, the answer is yes.
  3. bummers
    Report: Most Moviegoers Too Dumb to Enjoy State Of PlayTurns out people would rather see more Blarts.
  4. quote machine
    Amy Poehler Isn’t Ready to Trade New York for Los Angeles Just YetPlus: Darth Vader’s royalty checks must be getting lost in the mail.
  5. quote machine
    Paris Hilton Breaks It Off With Her BFFPlus: Ben Affleck walks a mile in a journalist’s shoes.
  6. the industry
    Ewan McGregor Is in ‘Love’ With Jim CarreyPlus: You’ll never guess who Nicole Holofcener cast in her next movie! Oh, all right, it’s Catherine Keener.
  7. the industry
    Russell Crowe Almost As Good As Brad Pitt, Says UniversalPlus: Lloyd Dobler kicks ass!
  8. the industry
    John Cusack and Gong Li Get ShanghaiedPlus: What’s Russel Crowe up to?
  9. the industry
    Can Anyone Replace This Man?Plus: News about Christian Bale!
  10. the industry
    The Cast of ‘State of Play’ Is Getting RidiculousPlus industry news on Jennifer Aniston, Kevin James, and CHAKA KHAN!
  11. the industry
    Denzel Washington Rides the Subway, Just Like YouPlus industry news on Ben Kingsley, Eli Roth, and Heroes: Origins.
  12. the industry
    Edward Norton and Brad Pitt Are Back in the ClubPlus industry news on Roman Polanski, George Romero, and Boaz Yakin.