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Stellan Skarsgard

  1. tv review
    Andor Is the Cure for Star Wars EnnuiThe franchise hasn’t felt this challenging, invigorating, or dangerous in quite some time.
  2. rubber ranked
    The Good, the Bad, and the Latex of Hollywood ProstheticsAn assessment of fall’s most prestigious fake cheeks, fat suits, and eyebrows, from House of Gucci to The Eyes of Tammy Faye.
  3. golden globes 2020
    Stellan Skarsgård Knows He Owes His Golden Globe to His Chernobyl EyebrowsDaniel Parker in makeup, this one’s for you.
  4. casting
    Forever Villain Stellan Skarsgård Will Be Dune’s Baron HarkonnenBut will he get to float around in a flesh-colored suit?
  5. trailer mix
    Nymphomaniac: Part Two Trailer: Surprisingly SFW Let’s talk about sex, nymphy.
  6. trailer mix
    The Railway Man Trailer: Colin Firth Plays a Former POW, Wears GlassesFirst he gives speeches before WWII, and now he’s shell-shocked after it. 
  7. casting couch
    Homeland’s Damian Lewis Cast in Romeo and JulietAs Lord Capulet.
  8. How Lars Von Trier Broaches Nudity With His Actors“You will show your dick at the end, and it will be very floppy.”
  9. movies
    Joss Whedon Directed a Scene in ThorThe last scene, in fact.
  10. acting
    While Raping Nicole Kidman Onscreen, One Actor Thought of Notting HillStellan Skarsgard found unlikely inspiration under the tutelage of Lars von Trier.
  11. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Ferrell, Wright, SkarsgardPlus: Joan Holloway to play a teacher who romances Adrien Brody.
  12. news reel
    ‘Goya’s Ghosts’: Milos Forman’s Accidental Iraq-War MovieThe director Milos Forman spoke to Bilge Ebiri about Goya, Iraq, and Courtney Love.