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Stephen Collins

  1. divorces
    Stephen Collins’s Divorce Is (Finally) FinalizedBye.
  2. crime
    Stephen Collins Tells Katie Couric He Was Sexually Harassed When He Was Young“I’m not blaming her.”
  3. crime
    7th Heaven’s Stephen Collins Confesses to Sexually Abusing ChildrenIn a statement to People, the 7th Heaven actor admits, “I did something terribly wrong.”
  4. sex crimes
    Stephen Collins May Not Be Prosecuted After AllThe world is a horrible place.
  5. Stephen Collins’s Wife Denies Leaking Molestation RecordingMore details about the accusations have odd echoes in the actor’s past work.
  6. scandal
    7th Heaven’s Stephen Collins Cut From ScandalHe was supposed to repeat a onetime role as a TV anchorman.
  7. sad things
    7th Heaven Dad Axed From Ted 2Two networks also dropped 7th Heaven from reruns.
  8. sex crimes
    7th Heaven Dad Admits Molestation, ExposureOn a tape obtained by TMZ.
  9. casting couch
    7th Heaven’s Stephen Collins Heading to The OfficeAs Ed Helms’s dad.