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Stephen King’s It

  1. casting couch
    Isaiah Mustafa Cast as Adult Mike in It: Chapter 2The man your man could scare like.
  2. It Screenwriter to Pen Are You Afraid of the Dark? MovieSubmitted for the approval of every ’90s kid.
  3. saturday night live
    Kellyanne Conway (Evil) Clowns Around in Saturday Night Live’s Kellywise SketchCould Pennywise do his little insane clown dance in heels? Doubt it.
  4. box office
    It Beats The Exorcist to Become the Highest-Grossing Horror Movie of All TimePennywise dances past the half-billion mark.
  5. sequels
    The It Sequel Will Arrive After Labor Day In 2019New Line wants to recapture that dark magic.
  6. stuff the derry tourism board doesn’t want you to know
    Bill Skarsgard Describes Cut It Flashback That Hints at Pennywise’s Origin StoryPennywise was alive a looong time before clowns were invented.
  7. Have We, As a Society, Reached Peak Scary Clown?Imagine a future where the scary clown loses its shock value. It’s easy if you try.
  8. sequel news
    Director Andy Muschietti Shares Details About The It SequelThings don’t turn out great for Mike.
  9. The Best One-Liners From ItFinn Wolfhard schools us all on how to disparage our peers.
  10. a box office so big it’s scary
    The New It Had the Biggest Opening Weekend for a Horror Movie EverAs it turns out, ya do want it.
  11. Stephen King on the Controversy About It’s Child Orgy: ‘It’s Fascinating’“That must mean something, but I’m not sure what.”
  12. It, the 1990 Mini-series, Is Not As Scary As You RememberWatch the first It again, as an adult. You might be surprised by how often you giggle.
  13. The Complete History of Scary Clowns▶️ There’s a historical reason that clowns in pop culture strike fear in the hearts of audience members.
  14. vulture lists
    11 Killer Clown Movies to Watch This Month — If You DarePut on your red nose and turn off the lights.
  15. The New Stephen King’s It Costume Is a Childhood-Ruiner, in a Good WayLooks like we’re going to need a bigger inhaler filled with battery acid.