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Stephen Sommers

  1. vulture lists
    5 Things We Actually Enjoyed About G.I. JoeIt wasn’t anything even remotely resembling a good film, but it was definitely a fun movie in spots.
  2. spin city
    Embattled G.I. Joe Producer Defends Embattled G.I. Joe DirectorMum’s still the word at Paramount, though.
  3. impending disasters
    Update: G.I. Joe Looking Like a Bomb of Epic ProportionsRumors are flying that the film’s director has been fired from the project.
  4. trailer mix
    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Trailer Fails to Quash Lingering Bad BuzzDon’t get your hopes up.
  5. impending disasters
    Bra-Stuffing Allegations Add to Bad Buzz for G.I. JoeIs this film an early front-runner for a 2009 Razzie? We sure think so!
  6. backlash
    Early Negative Reaction to G.I. Joe Teaser Gives Paramount the JittersYet another instance of bloggers ruining everything.
  7. the industry
    Stephen Sommers Has Jungle FeverPlus: Jerry Bruckheimer to produce an action movie!
  8. quote machine
    Paul Stanley Downplays the Importance of Paul StanleyPlus: Peter O’Toole calls today’s actors buttheads, and Woody Harrelson owns up to marginalizing hemp!
  9. the industry
    Julia Roberts No Longer a Steel Magnolia, Now a ‘Hothouse Flower’Plus: R.E.M.!
  10. the industry
    Yo Joe!Kevin Costner, Dallas, and a really dirty movie!