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Steve James

  1. documentaries
    What America to Me Told Me About My Own High SchoolI know what it feels like to be the only black kid in class, and this Starz documentary gave me a sinking sense of déjà vu.
  2. documentaries
    Why America to Me Director Steve James Made a TV Show About My High SchoolA conversation about his new Starz docuseries, which looks at racial inequity in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park.
  3. movie review
    Roger Ebert Documentary Life Itself Is a Poignant, Moving PortraitDirector Steve James cuts back and forth between Ebert’s last days and the story of his rise.
  4. cannes film festival 2014
    After a Cannes Screening Mishap, Chaz Ebert Asks, ‘What Would Roger Do?’The Ebert documentary malfunctioned two-thirds of the way through its only screening.