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    Who Is Kathleen Zellner, and Will She Free Steven Avery on Making a Murderer?The Chicago-based lawyer has freed the wrongfully convicted 19 times. Is Steven Avery next?
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    Making a Murderer Timeline: Everything That’s Happened Since Season OneAfter the Netflix true-crime series blew up, Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s legal fights took surprising turns.
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    Making a Murderer Part Two Is True Crime Turned PloddingNetflix’s follow-up investigation of the Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery convictions leans on nitty-gritty legal procedure.
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    Judge Orders Evidence Tests in Steven Avery CaseIt regards evidence testing that Avery’s attorney says didn’t exist during his original trial.
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    Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery Will Be Interviewed on Dr. PhilAvery will phone in from behind bars.
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    Making a Murderer Lawyer J. Buting Writing BookIt will be published by HarperCollins next year.
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    Steven Avery’s Ex-Fiancée: ‘He’s Not Innocent’Watch her full interview now.
  8. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Making a Murderer’ Parodies It’s been a week and a half since the holiday Netflix binge concluded, and I’m very surprised there aren’t more quality Making a Murderer […]
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    Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery Files Another AppealThe motion was made public on Tuesday.
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    Brendan Dassey’s Brother Raps for His Release“Not a fair trial, not a fair game.”
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    The White House Responds to the Avery Petition“The President cannot pardon a state criminal offense.”
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    Avery Juror Volunteered for Sheriff’s DepartmentSomehow this did not exempt him from serving.
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    Investigation Discovery to Air Avery SpecialTen episodes just wasn’t enough.
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    No, Netflix Will Not Add a Disclaimer to Making a Murderer“This is the filmmakers’ position, and they did a great job laying out the facts.”
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    What Was Left Out of Making a Murderer Episodes 8–10In one session, Dassey supplies a possible motive for Avery.
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    New Making a Murderer Juror Tells Directors Steven Avery Was Framed“He deserves a new trial.”
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    Making a Murderer Prosecutor Criticizes ShowKen Kratz claims the show omits evidence that points to Steven Avery’s guilt.
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    Making a Murderer’s Prosecutor Is Getting Absolutely Dragged on Yelp“I hope Ken Kratz gets slapped in the face by the cold hand of reality in the form of an incurable deadly virus.”
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    What Was Left Out of Making a Murderer Episodes 2–4Yes, it was legal for investigators to question Brendan Dassey without a lawyer present.
  20. What Was Left Out of Making a Murderer Episode OneA one-hour introduction can’t capture every salient point.
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    Making a Murderer Directors on Bringing Steven Avery’s Story to Netflix“Can we recognize when things go astray right in front of our eyes, rather than recognizing it always after the fact?”