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  1. close reads
    Eternals Is Just the Plot of Steven Universe But BadLet’s talk about Celestials and gem clusters.
  2. book excerpt
    How Steven Universe Made Its Lesbian Space Rock WeddingA behind-the-scenes look at the landmark double episode.
  3. viewing guide
    Need More Avatar: The Last Airbender? Try These Series.A chakra-based guide to the animated shows that extend Avatar’s thematic and emotional spirit into different worlds.
  4. a long talk
    Rebecca Sugar Says Good-bye to Steven UniverseThe trailblazing showrunner on the Future finale, therapy, and the dark side of selflessness.
  5. kids and tv
    What Highly Opinionated Parents Let Their Kids Watch on TV“As long as we’re not watching Paw Patrol.
  6. close reads
    Steven Universe: The Movie Is All About Doing the WorkLike the beloved series that precedes it, the movie is a beautiful, ambitious users’ manual for those learning to love themselves and others.
  7. trailer mix
    Watch the First Steven Universe Movie Trailer and Hear a New Song From EstelleGet emotional with “True Kinda Love.”
  8. finales
    The Steven Universe Movie Is a Star-Studded MusicalFeaturing Chance The Rapper, Aimee Mann, Patti LuPone, and more!
  9. tv
    Toast to the Peabody Wins for Killing Eve, Nanette, and MoreAnd one for Steven Universe.
  10. gay weddings
    Steven Universe Celebrated a Lesbian Wedding That Will Warm Your Cold Dead HeartFinally, something good.
  11. Steven Universe Is the Queerest Animated Show on TVA radically progressive series that glides over gender boundaries.
  12. returns
    Steven Universe Returns With a Whole World of Episodes (Okay, 5)Hooray!
  13. life animated
    See Nicki Minaj As a Four-Armed Cartoon Giant on Steven Universe“I forgot how great it feels to be me.”
  14. Tom Scharpling Is Voicing the Dad on a Cartoon Network ShowComedian and Best Show on WFMU host Tom Scharpling has broken into voice acting. He’s playing a regular character on the new Cartoon Network […]