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Stoner Week

  1. vulture lists
    The Stoner Canon: 101 Trippy Movies, Albums, Books, TV Shows, and MoreThe ultimate guide to experiencing the high.
  2. Stoner Week: How Adult Swim Conquered Late-Night TVCartoons and surreal comedy are crushing the talk shows.
  3. stoner week
    Stoner Week: Budtenders Offer Entertainment TipsThe aquarium website sounds especially eye-opening.
  4. stoner week
    Actors, Musicians, and Comedians Share Their Favorite Things to Do While HighCartoons, Cosmos, and … Kenan & Kel?
  5. Gateway Drugs: 6 Stoner Picks for Sober PeopleYou’ll get it when you’re high — and when you’re not. 
  6. Stoner Week: A Rock Front Man on Why He Quit Pot“I was a total monster.”
  7. comics talk to comics
    Jenny Slate, Gabe Liedman, and Max Silvestri on the State of Weed in Comedy“Cheech and Chong was … like, ‘Huuuuuuge joooooints!’ and everyone would be like, ‘Yeeeeeeees! So funny!’ Now it’s more normal.” 
  8. The Making of the Modern StonerHow pop culture got from Cheech and Chong to Broad City.
  9. Watching Stoner Movies as a Lifelong Non-Smoker Never have I found myself defenseless against the undead, or an ex-pat African prince, a thirty-something careerist shopping for surrogates, […]
  10. 10 of TV’s Most Memorable Weed-Based Episodes It wasn’t until relatively recently, the mid 1990s specifically, that weed was a topic that could be discussed in network comedies. Of course […]
  11. Watching Reefer Madness For the First Time It’s safe to say that, upon its release, Reefer Madness was intended to be, on some level, serious. It’s a film that was originally financed […]
  12. In Praise of the Stoner, a True American Hero Let us sing a few words in praise of the stoner, for the stoner is the last of the American heroes. From the streets of Los Angeles to the […]
  13. Hollywood’s 10 Most Ridiculously Unrealistic Weed Scenes Hollywood has had a rocky relationship with marijuana. As a plot device, weed has been depicted as both a wondrous, life-giving MacGuffin and […]
  14. Do Stoner Comedies Hurt the Legalization Movement? I’m not much of a pot smoker, but I’m proud to live in a state that’s sensible enough not to lock me up if I were one. California is the […]
  15. Talking Weed and Weeds with Writer/Producers Stephen Falk and Victoria […] Stoner comedy on television is a different breed than stoner films. Sure, there are the occasional five minutes of screen time on a comedy […]
  16. A Definitive Guide to Stoner Comedies Ever since Cheech & Chong first took to the screen in the late ‘70s, the stoner comedy has been a popular subgenre in American cinema. […]
  17. Why Marijuana Makes Things Funnier, Medically Speaking How many times have you found yourself going on and on about some hysterical new movie — telling your friends they have to watch it or […]
  18. Welcome to Stoner Week on SplitsiderPot and comedy: two things that go together like peanut butter and jelly, or pot and peanut butter and jelly. As marijuana has become less and […]