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Street Fighter

  1. appreciations
    The Street Fighter Movie Is Good, ActuallyIt’s a class on everything that can go wrong with a film, and how all of that failure adds up to something truly special.
  2. Thundercat Really, Really Loves TokyoHe also kisses a Game Boy for some reason.
  3. vulture cover story
    Video Games Are Better Than Real LifeMany Americans have replaced work hours with game play — and ended up happier. Which wouldn’t surprise most gamers.
  4. nerdery
    Super-Nerd Jamie Lee Curtis Loves Street FighterShe cosplayed as a claw-wielding Spanish warrior at a fighting-game tournament.
  5. love
    Van Damme Charmingly Talks Kylie Minogue“Sweet kiss, beautiful lovemaking.”
  6. community
    See the Cast of Community Drawn As Street Fighter CharactersYou wanted it, you got it. Actually, you may not have asked for it, but you still got it anyway.
  7. the industry
    Clean-cut Teen Sensations Sign On for Most Boring Reality Show EverThe Jonas Brothers are coming to the Disney Channel, Sandra Brown finally sells The Witness to Hollywood, and Catherine Zeta-Jones gets to kiss someone young for a change.
  8. the industry
    Kenneth Branagh and January Jones Rock the BoatPlus: Van Wilder meets Wolverine!
  9. the industry
    Leonardo DiCaprio Goes Roman; Ryan Phillippe Goes VikingPlus industry news on Ryan Phillippe, Gael Garcia Bernal, and Jean Valjean.