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Stunt Casting

  1. stunt casting
    Lizzo and Jack Black Pass Baby Yoda’s Vibe Check on The MandalorianThat’s gotta feel good as hell.
  2. jazz hands!
    Pamela Anderson, Avowed Fosse Fan, Will Play Roxie Hart on BroadwayThey’re gonna recognize her eyes, her hair, her teeth … you get it.
  3. stunt casting
    Daniel Radcliffe Would Love to Get Killed on GOTThe Boy Who Lived is down to die.
  4. stunt casting
    Julian Assange Will Play Himself on The SimpsonsOkely dokely?
  5. tv
    Get Ready for Celebrity Wife Swap’s Evangelical Theme EpisodeTed Haggard and Gary Busey are set to appear on the ABC reality show.
  6. stunt casting
    David O. Russell Will Appear on Gossip GirlAuteurs!
  7. stunt casting
    Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy Aboard Dallas RemakeThey’ll appear in the TNT reboot’s pilot.
  8. stunt casting
    Melissa Etheridge to Join American IdiotShe’ll take over as St. Jimmy from Billie Joe Armstrong.
  9. stunt casting
    Neil Patrick Harris to Host Surprising Awards ShowSpike’s video-game awards, to be exact.
  10. stunt casting
    The Situation Finally Has Opportunity to Make Long-Awaited Acting DebutOn ‘Bones.’
  11. stunt casting
    Olivia Munn to Guest-Star on ChuckIn the season premiere.
  12. stunt casting
    Jill Biden Will Guest on Army WivesAs herself.
  13. stunt casting
    Is Jennifer Lopez the Mother?Sadly, probably not.
  14. mini backlash
    Wallace Shawn Slammed for Michael Moore Matchup“What the hell is Wallace Shawn doing here?”