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  1. found in translation
    The Historic Power of Prey Is in Your Ears“Finally, the light came on,” the film’s Comanche language expert says. Then came the hard part.
  2. [interviews moistly]
    Wet Writhing, Eldritch Gurgling: A Chat With the Stranger Things Subtitles Team“I will admit I was trolling a little bit with [tentacles undulating moistly].”
  3. [ranks wetly]
    Stranger Things 4’s Best Descriptive Captions, RankedWhat more truthful statement about life’s eternal pain could there possibly be than [distant screaming, struggling]?
  4. sub standards
    Two Bilingual Comedians Try to Decipher Their Own SubtitlesSome jokes survive a translation. Others become “surprise eggs.”
  5. localized listings
    Every Language Everywhere All at OnceAudiences love foreign TV and film. So do streamers. There’s just one little challenge.
  6. setting the type
    Streaming Subtitles Should Not Be This Tricky to ReadHere’s how 12 services rank in overall legibility.
  7. los espookys
    How Los Espookys Made Its Jokes Work in Two Languages, With Subtitles“It’s not an American show pretending to be a Latin American show. It’s both,” says Julio Torres.
  8. funny subtitles
    Nature Doc Appears to Show Aziz Ansari Subtitles“Bought the wrong toothbrush, should’ve done more research!”
  9. subtitle scandals
    Studio Responds to Let the Right One In Subtitle ScandalMagnolia Home Entertainment says it’ll use the original subtitles on all copies of the DVD manufactured in the future.
  10. subtitle scandals
    Subtitle Scandal! Who Dumbed Down Let the Right One In?Why are the subtitles on the DVD so much stupider than ones from the theatrical release?