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Succession Finale

  1. relevant doughnuts
    All the Ways Succession Foreshadowed Last Night’s FinaleTom gave us all the clues.
  2. it was tom-atha all along
    Tom Wambsgans Finally Becomes a Real Person, InvolvedThe Roy family’s biggest outsider has turned his chief weakness to his advantage.
  3. backstories
    The Succession Cast Processes the Astonishing Season-Three Finale“If Shiv knows, and Tom doesn’t know that Shiv knows — there’s a lot of potential there,” says Sarah Snook, on location in Montalcino.
  4. spoilers
    Who Got The Worst Deal In That Succession Finale?Everyone is potentially screwed here, but some people are definitely more screwed than others.
  5. spoilers
    Succession Finally Gave Kendall What He’s Been WantingIt didn’t really work out, but still!