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  1. the suits family
    Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle’s TV Husband, Goes Scorched-Earth on the Royals“Find someone else to admonish, berate, and torment. My friend Meghan is way out of your league.”
  2. red suit theory
    After Super Bowl LV, the Weeknd’s Gotta Retire the Red SuitAfter Hours was the MVP of 2020. Hang it up before it’s too late.
  3. keeping up with the royals
    Former Suits Star to Return to North AmericaGive us the spinoff.
  4. blue skies programming
    Patrick J. Adams to Don More Suits, Though Without Meghan MarkleHe’s returning for the show’s final season.
  5. the sussexes
    The Suits Cast Is Toasting Meghan Markle’s Royal BabyDo you think they made tiny suits?
  6. the duchess
    Meghan Markle Is Getting As Close to Her Acting Revival As PossibleAnd it involves Shakespeare.
  7. farewells
    Suits Will Finally Be Retired After Season 9Time to make room for the spin-off starring Gina Torres.
  8. suits!
    Was This Band Trolling or Welcoming Meghan Markle With Suits’ Theme Song?An important question from her royal tour.
  9. the duchess of suits-ex
    Meghan Markle’s Spirit Haunts the Suits Season 8 PremiereGone, but not forgotten, from basic cable.
  10. vulture lists
    8 Sexy Courtroom Shows to Stream, Now That Your Interest in Suits Has WanedAllow James Spader to fill the void.
  11. the duchess of suits-ex
    Meghan Markle Admits During Royal Visit That She Misses SuitsYou’ll never forget USA and U-S-A!
  12. royal wedding
    Suits Stars Boldly Exclaim That Royal Wedding Was ‘Special’ and ‘Amazing’Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty have something to say.
  13. the royal wedding
    Meghan Markle’s Suits Castmates Attend the Royal WeddingFeaturing an appearance by Pretty Little Liarss Troian Bellisario
  14. royal wedding
    Meghan Markle’s Suits Co-Stars Arrive in England, Live Their Best British LivesAnd Priyanka Chopra is already in hat fittings!
  15. suits
    See Katherine Heigl Wear a Suit on SuitsMeet Samantha Wheeler, who does not like being called Sam.
  16. farewells
    Meghan Markle Also Gets Married in Her Last Episode of SuitsHow timely!
  17. vulture lists
    Everything Meghan Markle Does in Her Final Season on SuitsA complete list.
  18. Spring TV Preview: Westworld, Barry, and More Shows We Can’t Wait to WatchIt’s a damn good season for television.
  19. the industry
    Watch Out, William: Katherine Heigl Is Joining SuitsShe’s set to play a “talented new partner at Pearson Specter Litt.”
  20. the end of an era
    Patrick J. Adams Is Leaving Suits, Teases Happy Ending for Him and Meghan MarkleSorry, Prince Harry: Sounds like Adams gets to marry Meghan Markle on television first.
  21. burning questions
    Prince Harry Asks Obama the Hard Pop-Culture Questions: The Good Wife or Suits?Tough call!
  22. meghan markle
    Suits Creator Wrote Off Meghan Markle As a ‘Gamble’ on Her Relationship“I had a decision to make because I didn’t want to intrude and ask her, ‘Hey, what’s going on and what are you going to do?’”
  23. meghan markle
    Meghan Markle Officially Exiting Suits After Season 7Markle is leaving her acting job for a position in the British royal family.
  24. vulture lists
    Beyond Suits: Your Guide to Meghan Markle’s TV WorkYour mom’s not crazy: She really was in Castle that one time.
  25. relationships
    Meghan Markle on Her Romance With Prince Harry: ‘We’re a Couple. We’re in Love.’It’s Vanity Fair official.
  26. tv spinoffs
    Gina Torres Will Make Chicago Politics Her Playground in New Suits SpinoffThe season-seven finale will introduce the new show.
  27. spinoffs
    Gina Torres’s Impeccable Side-Eye May Return With Potential Suits SpinoffBring on the pristine businesswear and thinly veiled contempt.
  28. renewals
    USA’s Suits Renewed for Season 7USA! USA!
  29. stay tuned
    How Do I Deal With So Many Shows? Your Pressing TV Questions, AnsweredWe’ve lost TV as a general option for ingroup/outgroup signaling.
  30. stay tuned
    Is The West Wing Sexist? Your Pressing TV Questions AnsweredAdvice on what to watch on maternity leave, how to handle the campiness of Doctor Who, and noticing the sexism on The West Wing.
  31. The SUITS Refresher CourseSeason 4 of USA’s hit series SUITS premieres on Wednesday, June 11 at 9/8c.
  32. season premieres
    The 7 Things That Happen on Every Suits EpisodeSo many stupid secrets!
  33. renewals
    Suits Gets a Fourth SeasonSuity!
  34. season finales
    You’re Better Than That Season Finale, Suits We get it. Kissing and secrets.
  35. chat room
    Gina Torres on Suits and Her Badass Characters“I’ve played precious few women that aren’t badass and strong and capable.”
  36. celebrity cameos
    Michael Phelps Will Be on Suits As himself.
  37. tv review
    Seitz on Suits, or Why Certain Great TV Shows Get Ignored by CriticsSuits, which is just beginning its third season, might be the most purely entertaining series on television.
  38. It’s That Episode 58: Luke Cunningham Defines Relationships Through ‘Suits’On “It’s That Episode” Craig Rowin (UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of any TV show they want. They discuss the episode […]
  39. Suiting Up: The New Rules of Fine TailoringWant to look the part? Inject your style with a dose of suiting IQ inspired by USA Network’s hit series Suits.
  40. Steve Harvey Is Retiring from Stand-Up Comedy TomorrowOne of the kings of comedy is hanging up his crown. After 27 years and one flawless moustache, Steve Harvey is retiring from doing stand-up to […]
  41. casting couch
    New Girl’s Rachael Harris Heading to SuitsIn addition to her role on Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy’s new show.
  42. When Dealing with TV Executives, It Helps to Be a Movie StarMeddling TV executives are a cliche of making a TV show, but a relatively true cliche. One way to get past the suits? Be super famous already […]
  43. suits
    House of Ideas Sued by Guy Who Came Up With ThemThe estate of Jack Kirby, co-creator of a majority of Marvel Comics’ most famous and lucrative characters, is suing Marvel to terminate copyrights and claim profits.