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Summer Movie Preview 2014

  1. summer movie preview 2014
    14 Ways to Destroy a Building in the Transformers MoviesOr a pyramid.
  2. summer movie preview 2014
    Why Adam Sandler Might Be the Most Important Comedian of His GenerationThere’s a profound sense of self-loathing at the core of his performances.
  3. summer movie preview 2014
    Here Are Your Summer Movie Sequels in Infographic FormThe Amazing Spider-Man 2, Think Like a Man Too, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and more.
  4. first look
    What Everyone Who Sees Godzilla Will Be Talking AboutVulture was at the film’s first screening.
  5. summer movie preview 2014
    2014 Summer Movies From A to Z: 26 Things To Know About This Season’s Big FilmsFrom (A)ngelina Jolie to (Z)ach Braff.
  6. movies
    Talking to John Green About Fault in Our Stars“I certainly like yerba mate tea more now that I’ve met Shai!”
  7. summer movie preview 2014
    Why Melissa McCarthy Is Hollywood’s Top StarThere is no other star delivering as consistently, and in such great numbers, and with so little assistance, as McCarthy.