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Sundance 2017

  1. How Scary Is Hereditary, This Year’s Horror Hit at Sundance?Prepare to be thoroughly creeped out.
  2. sundance 2017
    The Ass-Kicking, Plus-size Stars of Patti Cake$Rapping about rap and Hollywood with cabaret goddess Bridget Everett and new BFF Danielle Macdonald.
  3. the rom com lives
    Kumail Nanjiani on Being a Brown Romantic Hero, and Making a Funny Coma Movie“I was not getting offered romantic leading roles. I’ve always played some version of a nerdy guy or something like that.”
  4. streaming movies
    This Sundance Movie Won’t Flop in Theaters — It’s Headed Straight to NetflixMacon Blair’s I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore charmed Sundance. Now it’s part of Netflix’s mission to become a player in movies.
  5. WATCH: Lancelot Reimagined Has Drugs, Escorts, 9/11, Alison Brie, & Dave FrancoThe cast of Little Hours rewrote Arthurian legend for us.
  6. WATCH: Without SNL Kyle Mooney Never Could Have Made This Bold Film“The most sincere realization of the man-child since Tom Hanks in Big.”
  7. WATCH: This New Graphic-Novel Adaptation May Be Coming Out at the Perfect TimeSometimes, the truth hurts.
  8. WATCH: Jack Black Reveals How He Became the King of PolkaA true performer …
  9. WATCH: Is Bitch Medicine for Our Country Right Now?A fascinating microcosm.
  10. sundance 2017
    This Is the Year Netflix Tried to Swallow SundanceWhat’s $12.5 million here or there?
  11. Why Was Mudbound Such a Sundance Hit? Hillary Jordan’s 2009 novel takes on a whole new life. 
  12. Misogyny Greeted Zoe Lister-Jones at Sundance“Is the director here?” 
  13. Tye Sheridan and the Power of Steven SpielbergA no-brainer, really.
  14. Mark Hamill Can’t Believe the Prequel Bashing“I’m still angry at how they treated Jake Lloyd.”
  15. sundance 2017
    Meet the 15 Breakout Stars of Sundance 2017Including Emily Browning, Zoe Lister-Jones, and Jessica Williams.
  16. movie review
    Dee Rees’s Mudbound Is a Lyrical, Low-Key ClassicIt’s an earthy portrait of two families in the postwar South.
  17. movie review
    Sundance Hit The Big Sick Is a Joyful Exercise in EmpathyKumail Nanjiani stars in this festival crowd-pleaser.
  18. sundance 2017
    Trump’s Muslim Ban Dominated Conversation at the Sundance Awards“We know that closing our borders to these international artists will stop the flow of ideas and inspiration that are so vital to the global community.”
  19. One of Sundance’s Biggest Hits Is Based on an Often Uncomfortable True StoryThis is not your average romantic comedy.
  20. sundance 2017
    See the Full List of 2017 Sundance WinnersGet your award-season goggles on.
  21. Kathryn Hahn’s Never Been More Comfortable NakedWith so many women behind the scenes, the difference is profound.
  22. sundance 2017
    Which Sundance Films Will Be Awards-Season Contenders Next Year?Some of these could make history.
  23. sundance 2017
    133 Famous Faces From Vulture’s Studio at the Sundance Film FestivalJon Hamm, Elizabeth Olsen, Kumail Nanjiani, and many more. 
  24. Jenny Slate’s Empowering Playlist“There are a lot of people telling me that the way I think and what I think … is not okay.”
  25. sundance 2017
    Two Sundance Documentaries Take on Donald Trump in Real TimeWith Trumped and Nobody Speak, a medium takes on a man whose mission is destroy the medium.
  26. Brittany Snow Sacrificed Her Rib for Her Art in BushwickLet’s just say she was dedicated.
  27. sundance 2017
    Zoe Lister-Jones Should Get to Direct a TentpoleMale filmmakers often make the leap to the big leagues on the strength of a Sundance success. Why shouldn’t the writer-director of Band Aid?
  28. Lithgow on If Churchill Was Alive TodayHe likely wouldn’t be very pleased.
  29. Mark Hamill Was Terrified to Play Luke Skywalker Again — and Almost Never DidHe only did it on one condition.
  30. sundance 2017
    Sundance-goers Walk Out on Flying Lotus’s KusoGeorge Clinton cameos as a doctor who keeps a medicinal cockroach in his anus, apparently.
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    Rooney Mara Eats Pie, Steals SundanceIn A Ghost Story, the actress downs an entire pie in two long shots.
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    Thoroughbred Cements Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor-Joy As Stars to WatchThoroughbred is a film about appearances, and its two young stars are in complete command.
  33. sundance 2017
    Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen Talk Ingrid“These grandmas are out of control.”
  34. sundance 2017
    Jordan Peele’s Genius Horror Movie at Sundance“Don’t go into a white woman’s house!”
  35. sundance 2017
    Jill Soloway Has a Request for Male Directors: Stop Making Movies About RapePlus: Jessica Williams shares the great advice she got from a Nicki Minaj documentary.
  36. Poor Hot Jon Hamm the HologramA new challenge for Don Draper.
  37. Peter Dinklage on Indie Movies Versus GoTHe did note the difference in salary.
  38. Salma Hayek Has No Tolerance for the Word ‘Tolerance’She thinks we’re using the wrong word.
  39. Nick Offerman’s Solution to Toxic Masculinity in Trump’s America“I get accused of masculinity a lot more than I mention it myself … “
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    Why Sundance Fell in Love With the Gay Romance Call Me by Your NameThe Armie Hammer drama got a standing ovation.
  41. sundance 2017
    The FBI Is Reviewing the Sundance Film Festival CyberattackA hack that shut down box offices on Saturday is being looked into.
  42. Chelsea Handler’s Passionate PleaThey talked to us right after marching for women’s rights.
  43. Elizabeth Olsen’s Sage Advice From Jeremy RennerRenner has been around the block a few times.
  44. sundance 2017
    Sundance: Anton Yelchin Is Great in ThoroughbredFew actors are better than Yelchin at being both blustering and vulnerable.
  45. sundance 2017
    Sundance: The Discovery Is Netflix’s Spiritual Cousin to The OAThe sci-fi film looks primed to benefit from Netflix’s hit show about the afterlife.
  46. wheels and deals
    Amazon Acquires Judd Apatow Rom-Com The Big SickOne of the first big buys of this year’s festival.
  47. in development
    Kristen Stewart Is Making a ‘Kick Ass’ Short Film About Gun Control“My next short is so political.”
  48. sundance 2017
    Sundance: Jessica Williams at the Women’s March“I am my ancestors’ dream,” she told the crowd.
  49. Paul Scheer Nails Why Being a New Parent Ruins Your Best Friendships“You’re just awash with people you wouldn’t even want to have dinner with.”
  50. The One Thing Michael Showalter Says Every Romantic Comedy NeedsIt’s simple, really.
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