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Super Bowl 50

  1. last night on late night
    Taraji Swears She Knows Coldplay Isn’t Maroon 5And also talks about how her Golden Globes cookies were divine intervention.
  2. america!
    Watch Lady Gaga’s Hi-Res Super Bowl PerformanceSo gallantly streaming.
  3. Late Night Breaks Down Beyoncé’s Halftime ShowThe cultural ramifications of having hot sauce in your bag. Swag.
  4. blame it on the kool-aid
    Taraji Explains Coldplay–Maroon 5 Mix-upBeware the Kool-Aid.
  5. roll clip!
    Toyota Staged a Fun Wire Reunion for YouSobotka alert.
  6. super bowl 50
    Turkish Airlines Made a Batman v Superman AdLex Luthor and his stress ball are here to sell you on Metropolis.
  7. super bowl 50
    Coldplay Were Beyoncé’s Left Shark at the Super BowlThe halftime show was a display of Beyoncé’s unimpeachable confidence in her own cultural influence and artistic vision, and the contrast of Coldplay and Bruno Mars emphasized how radical that vision really is.
  8. the good wife
    The Good Wife Will End in MayWhat’s been rumored for weeks is now a reality.
  9. super bowl 50
    Watch Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl National AnthemGaga knows how to work what she’s got.
  10. chat room
    Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz on ’N Sync Nostalgia, Rockism, and His Super Bowl Pick“To me, I look at artists like Skrillex, and that guy is rock and roll.”
  11. super bowl 50
    Lady Gaga to Sing National Anthem at Super BowlOh, say, can you see the little monsters?
  12. super bowl ads
    See Helen Mirren’s Super Bowl Drunk-Driving PSA“If your brain was donated to science, science would return it.”
  13. super bowl ads
    Drake’s T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial Is Very, Very, Very, Very On-Brand“Fantastic idea!”
  14. Ring the Alarm! Beyoncé Will Perform With Coldplay at the Super Bowl Yasssss.
  15. paging left shark
    Report: Maroon 5 Might Play Super Bowl TooMoves Like Beast Mode.