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Super Bowl Ads

  1. clam-ity
    Maya Rudolph Out, M&M’s InThe world isn’t ready for candy clams.
  2. super bowl ads
    Melissa McCarthy Saves the Environment While Selling Kia Cars in Super Bowl AdWhat does saving whales have to do with cars?
  3. super bowl ads
    See the Coen Brothers’ Easy Rider–Inspired Super Bowl AdThis is the first big game ad the directors have done since 2002.
  4. super bowl 50
    Turkish Airlines Made a Batman v Superman AdLex Luthor and his stress ball are here to sell you on Metropolis.
  5. super bowl ads
    See Helen Mirren’s Super Bowl Drunk-Driving PSA“If your brain was donated to science, science would return it.”
  6. super bowl ads
    Drake’s T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial Is Very, Very, Very, Very On-Brand“Fantastic idea!”
  7. trailer mix
    Watch Jurassic World’s Super Bowl SpotIntroducing Chris Pratt, raptor whisperer.
  8. how to get ahead in advertising
    Rating the Super Bowl Ads’ Nostalgia CallbacksDid seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Ping-Pong and the Full House bros bickering make you happy or sad?
  9. reunions
    See the Full House Men Reunite in a Super Bowl Yogurt AdWhere’s Aunt Becky?
  10. clickables
    Watch Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Super Bowl AdHe plays the guy with the mustache.
  11. super bowl ads
    Watch Willem Dafoe’s Devilish Super Bowl Ad, Featuring UsherAnd Kate Upton.
  12. super bowl ads
    Watch a Side-by-Side Comparison of Ferris Bueller and Matthew Broderick’s Super Bowl AdWe’ll have whatever Matthew Broderick is having.
  13. ok go
    Watch Ok Go’s Awesomely Dorky Music Video for ‘Needing/Getting’Don’t try this at home.
  14. beer
    Will Ferrell’s Super Bowl Ad Only Aired in NebraskaThe guerrilla Old Milwaukee campaign continues.
  15. super bowl ads
    Go Behind the Scenes of Elton John and Melanie Amaro’s Super Bowl Commercial“What accent? I love Pepsi!” — Melanie Amaro
  16. party chat
    Matthew Broderick Explains His Ferris Bueller Ad“I hope this is a good idea.”
  17. jerry seinfeld
    See Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno’s Super Bowl CommercialWith any luck, this Seinfeld guy may finally get his big break any day now!
  18. super bowl ads
    See Matthew Broderick Reprise His Role As Ferris Bueller in the Full-Length Honda CommercialWould it have killed Honda to feature an Edie McClurg cameo? Just saying.
  19. super bowl ads
    Report: Ferris Bueller Spot Is for HondaFinally, life can go back to normal.
  20. super bowl ads
    Matthew Broderick Will Reprise Ferris Bueller in a Super Bowl AdWatch the teaser here. (Yes, a teaser for an ad.)
  21. tv
    Fox Will Hype Simon’s X Factor, Spielberg’s Dinosaurs, and Glee During Super BowlWe’ve got the big ‘Glee’ promo in advance.
  22. music
    Hear the Controversial Air Force Reserve Super Bowl AdIt’s back online (but elsewhere).
  23. late shifting
    Leno: Filming Ad Gave Me Chance to See ‘Old Friend’Jay’s take: “A good joke is a good joke.”
  24. tv
    Watch a Montage of Every Violent Act in the Super Bowl CommercialsSo much slapping.
  25. books
    Guess Why the Dante’s Inferno Video-Game Ad Didn’t Pass Super Bowl MusterBecause it was too literary?