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Super Mario Bros.

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    Grab Your Raccoon Hats, Nintendo Is Making a New Mario MovieOhhhh. Mamma Mia!
  2. the industry
    Wahoo! New Super Mario Bros. Animated Movie Is Reportedly in DevelopmentIllumination Entertainment is likely closing in on a deal with Nintendo.
  3. movies
    John Leguizamo on Showing His Kids Old Movies“And silent films! I make ‘em watch silent films. They’re being tortured.”
  4. the princess is in another castle
    Yes, Prince Avalanche Looks Like Super Mario on PurposeSays David Gordon Green.
  5. video games
    Super Mario Is Real, Now Made of BeadsBeautiful beads.
  6. Hear a Layered, Two-Person A Cappella Medley of Music From Super Mario Bros.Eat your heart out, Rockapella.
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    See Live-Action Mario and Pac-Man Re-created in Post-ItsBecause why shouldn’t this exist?
  8. super mario bros.
    Watch a Thoroughly Impressive Stop-Motion Version of Super Mario Bros.What would it look like if Mario was from the eighties? … Oh, wait.
  9. clickables
    Watch Josh Hutcherson Sing the Super Mario Theme Song“Da duh da duh da duh … we gotta save Peach!”
  10. mad men
    See Mad Men As an 8-Bit Video GameAn Italian plumber he is not.
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    See a Series of Super Mario Villain Recruitment PostersCutest propaganda ever!
  12. super mario bros.
    Watch a Piano-Tap Duo Perform Music From Super Mario BrothersHeads up to Savion Glover: We’ve got a new show idea for you!
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    Listen to an Opera About Super Mario Bros.Jon and Al Kaplan turn the lowest-brow tenant of pop culture into a highbrow pursuit.