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  1. sequential art
    The Comics Story That Made the Joker the Ultimate Batman FoeDenny O’Neil and Neal Adams changed the character forever.
  2. villains week
    That Time Captain America Said ‘Hail Hydra’ and Geekdom ImplodedTwo little words opened up a Pandora’s box.
  3. The 25 Best Movie Supervillains, RankedFrom various Jokers to Erik Killmonger and everywhere in between.
  4. well hello there
    Here’s the Very Good-Looking First Photo of Joe Manganiello As DeathstrokeHe’s easy on the eyes.
  5. vulture lists
    Who Is Your Favorite Villain? Hollywood Actors and Showrunners Weigh InFrom soap-opera baddies to pop-culture icons.
  6. 30 Years of Action-Movie Villains in 9 InfographicsNote to Hollywood: Women can commit crimes, too.
  7. The Best Supervillains Are Relatable Ones▶️ Three-dimensional villains with a sense of purpose are rare in superhero movies.
  8. Every Major Game of Thrones Character, Ranked From Good to EvilFrom the kindhearted heroes to the scumbag sociopaths.
  9. How Much Could the Best Villain Lairs Fetch on the Market Today?Million Dollar Listing’s Ryan Serhant gives us his expert opinion on Jabba’s Palace, Harry Osborn’s penthouse, and more.
  10. chat room
    Pretty Little Liars’ Troian Bellisario on Her Finale Twist and Ungrateful Fans“I’m literally trying not to go on social media because I know that people are going to be brutal.”
  11. villains week
    Why Doctor Doom Is the Best SupervillainMaybe he should rule the world.
  12. 20 Movies Where the Bad Guys WinSometimes, the heroes take the L.
  13. vulture lists
    Pretty Little Liars: The Most Twisted Things ‘A’ Has Ever DoneWho could possibly forget that cow tongue?
  14. chat room
    Ted Danson Is Having ‘Much More Fun’ Playing The Good Place’s Resident VillainWhy he couldn’t stop telling people about the show’s twist before it happened.
  15. Why Jon Hamm Hasn’t Become a Movie Star, YetAnd why Baby Driver may signal a new phase for the actor.
  16. 25 Years Later, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman Is Still the Best Superhero VillainShe remains the most incisive depiction of villainy the genre has ever seen cinematically.
  17. the young pope
    The Young Pope Nails the Concept of the SupervillainTake notes, Marvel and DC.
  18. supervillains
    Jesse Eisenberg to Reprise Lex Luthor in Justice LeagueBut it’s not a major part.
  19. Mister Sinister Will Be Wolverine 3’s VillainBut who will play him?
  20. supervillains
    Ben Affleck Teases DC Movie VillainHe’s a classic DC foe.
  21. supervillains
    Jesse Eisenberg Discusses Lex Luthor’s ReturnHe says he loves all the people working on Justice League. That’s nice.
  22. supervillains
    Michael Keaton Reportedly in Talks for Spider-Man: HomecomingHow did he end up here?
  23. the industry
    Spider-Man Villain Venom Might Be Getting His Own Movie FranchiseBut it apparently won’t include Spider-Man.
  24. 5 Villains and Plotlines You Probably Won’t See on The Flash TV ShowColonel Computron!
  25. explainers
    Everything You Need to Know About ThanosA deep-dive into the space villain’s 40-year comics history.