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    Take Vulture’s Peanuts Holiday Special Superfan QuizProve your devotion to Charlie Brown and that underappreciated little Christmas tree.
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    Take the Quentin Tarantino Superfan QuizHow much do you Taranti-know about the man and his work?
  3. superfan quiz
    Take Our Parks & Recreation Superfan QuizThe show is ending, but your fandom lives on.
  4. vulture quiz
    How Well Do You Know These 50 True Blood Characters?Do you just know these past and current denizens of Bon Temps, or do you really, really know them?
  5. vulture quiz
    Are You a Seinfeld Trivia Whiz? Take This Superfan QuizNo Moops-like misprints here.
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    Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Notebook?Take our superfan quiz.
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    Take Vulture’s Wes Anderson Superfan QuizFifty questions to test how fantastic of a fan you are.