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    The Weirdest and Most Divisive of Genesis, According to Tony Banks“There’s no Genesis song that would’ve sounded anything like it did if I hadn’t been around.”
  2. superlatives
    P!nk on Her Most Death-Defying Stunts and Polarizing Songs“I feel like a stuntwoman most of the time.”
  3. superlatives
    The Most Overlooked and Transformative of the Who, According to Roger Daltrey“I was dealing with being in a band with three complete addicts, and it wasn’t easy.”
  4. superlatives
    Wynonna Judd on Her Hardest and Most Enthusiastic Music“It’s the kind of corny where you’re like, I don’t know if I love this or not, but I can’t help but sing it.
  5. superlatives
    A Lost Interview With David CrosbyIn 2021, the singer-songwriter gave us a charmingly succinct assessment of his music.
  6. superlatives
    Robert Plant on the Finest and Most Questionable Music of His Career“We can do without the mystery and just talk about the crazy things that happened. All’s well that ends well.”
  7. superlatives
    Pat Benatar on the Most Defiant and Empowering Music of Her Career“The country was ready. Women were ready. I was ready. It was just kismet.”
  8. superlatives
    Steve Miller on the Most Impulsive and Patient Music of His Career“I always wanted my albums to be hard to take off. Once you put them on, I want you to enjoy everything.”
  9. superlatives
    Babyface on His Biggest, Best, and Most Slept-on Music“I never saw myself being in the room with these people. The fact that they’re listening to guidance from me, it’s kind of crazy.”
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    Tegan and Sara on Their Best and Most Pedestrian Music“I hate to say that’s a high point because it came out so long ago. So are we over? I don’t know.”
  11. superlatives
    Miranda Lambert on Her Hardest, Riskiest, and Most Rewarding Music“I’m so thankful for that song. I sing it every night and I watch people cry.”
  12. superlatives
    The Most Transgressive and Personal of Blondie, According to Debbie and Chris“Transgressive? How much time do we have?”
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    The Most Seductive and Poetic of Roxy Music, According to Bryan Ferry“We didn’t want to be a one-trick pony.”
  14. superlatives
    Usher on His Most Enduring and Misunderstood Music“It’s a sore spot for me. I ain’t even lying.”
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    Jack White on the Most Stubborn and Prophetic Music of His Career“I’m always starting from scratch. And wow, I’m here again.”
  16. superlatives
    Marc Maron on the Most Awkward and Cathartic Episodes of WTF“There’s very few where I don’t have a prolonged period of genuine engagement, and I think that’s rare.”
  17. superlatives
    The Most Joyous and Romantic of Journey, According to Neal Schon“We show our dexterity and diversity on all of our albums. We’ve traveled the spectrum musically from A to Z.”
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    The Most Ambitious and Cinematic of Duran Duran, According to John and Nick“We were part of a vanguard that really changed people’s lives.”
  19. superlatives
    Mandy Moore on Her Best and Most Cringeworthy Music“I mean, I wish I had the money to refund people, but of course, that was the one that sold more than anything else. So sorry about that!”
  20. superlatives
    The Most Nostalgic and Political of the Drive-By Truckers“I just remember night after night, people shooting us birds and yelling s- - - at us when we’d play that song.”
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    The Loudest and Wittiest of Def Leppard, According to Joe Elliott“We were young enough to enjoy it without killing ourselves.”
  22. superlatives
    The Best and Hardest of Florence and the Machine, According to Florence Welch“When you’re 25 and you’re hung-over all the time, you never think that your career is going to go on as long.”
  23. superlatives
    Pusha T on His Best, Realest, and Most Influential Work“I am trying to be the Martin Scorsese of street rap.”
  24. superlatives
    The Most Progressive and Perverse of Devo, According to Mark Mothersbaugh“What we were doing was art. It was sound and vision in a way that talked about what humans are and why we are here.”
  25. superlatives
    Jon Batiste on His Best, Funniest, and Most Prophetic MusicPlus, his most meaningful Grammy nomination.
  26. superlatives
    Charli XCX on Her Best, Hardest, and Most Mainstream Music“That song — not to sound arrogant, but it’s a f—ing masterpiece.”
  27. superlatives
    The Most Underrated and Spontaneous of the Police, According to Stewart Copeland“But you’re assuming that I listen to the words. I don’t. I’m just banging s—t at the back of the stage.”
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    The Greatest and Earwormiest of Franz Ferdinand, According to Alex Kapranos“I think, ‘F-ck. These lyrics are dark, but it sounds so optimistic.’”
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    Judy Collins on the Best and Most Personal Moments of Her Career“I remember hearing something about Joni not liking my version of the song, but I couldn’t care less.”
  30. superlatives
    Sharleen Spiteri on the Best of Texas and Worst of the Music Industry“It’s easy to be famous. It’s not easy to leave a legacy.”
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    The Most Existential and Therapeutic of Tears for Fears, According to Curt Smith“Being able to admit that you need someone else is actually a very valuable lesson for people who are as single-minded as we are.”
  32. superlatives
    Johnny Marr on the Best of the Smiths and His Solo Career“Sure, there was drama, but what you hear was a result of stone-cold love.”
  33. superlatives
    Carl Barât on the Most Anthemic and Agonizing Music of His Career“Well, from my view, I thought everyone would be dead.”
  34. superlatives
    Cat Power’s Best Covers and Biggest Changes, According to Chan MarshallPlus, “the only song” of hers that her son likes.
  35. superlatives
    The Most Endearing and Psychedelic of the Bangles, According to Susanna Hoffs“I’m grateful that we were born out of that time period, but it was bound to be fraught.”
  36. superlatives
    Lindsey Buckingham on the Most Fulfilling and Dysfunctional Music of His Career“It was my intention all along to try to remain an artist who kept growing and evolving in the long term.”
  37. superlatives
    John Linnell on They Might Be Giants’ Best, Latest, and Flansburghiest StuffOne out of two Johns talks their new album, BOOK; using a giant stick; and free doughnuts.
  38. superlatives
    Ben Gibbard on the Legacy of Death Cab for Cutie’s Photo Album, 20 Years Later“It’s a perfect snapshot of where we were at that time.”
  39. superlatives
    The Geekiest and Most Philly of the War on Drugs, According to Adam Granduciel“It’s using the technology that inspires you or reminds you of a certain song.”
  40. superlatives
    The Best and Unforgettable of the Fugees, According to Pras“We’re Caribbean, Haitian, Brooklyn. That rice and beans, plantains, machetes. We’re coming with that vibe.”
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    The Greatest and Trippiest of the Doors, According to Robby Krieger“Jim always told me that when you write a song, you want each person that hears it to get something different out of it.”
  42. superlatives
    The Best and Most Existential of Switchfoot, According to Jon Foreman“That crisis of meaning, purpose, faith — it absolutely keeps me up at night.”
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    The Best and Worst of Hall & Oates, According to Daryl Hall“There are a lot of songs I would redo.”
  44. superlatives
    The Best of R&B History, As Told By Its Architects Jimmy Jam and Terry LewisFrom Janet and Michael Jackson’s sibling rivalry, to Prince’s genius, to Bobby Brown rushing takes to head to the strip club, and so much more.
  45. superlatives
    The Best and Most Evolved of Modest Mouse, According to Isaac Brock“I’m not trying to be evasive at all, man — or am I?”
  46. superlatives
    Sheryl Crow on the Defining Songs and Favorite Mistakes of Her Career“One of the things that keeps me going is that I feel like I have not written my best song yet.”
  47. superlatives
    Jessie Ware on Her Best, Most Classically Disco, and Melancholy Songs“I wouldn’t have been able to write ‘Please’ when I was 28.”
  48. superlatives
    The Weirdest, Gayest, and Most Unconventional Pop of MARINA“If [I wanted to be more commercial], I would have been by now; I would have specifically chosen to go that way.”
  49. superlatives
    Liz Phair on Her Best Songs and Humbly Defining Generations of Indie Rock“I’ve always bristled when they say I’m responsible for people’s sounds. I don’t like that. I don’t feel like I spawned people.”
  50. superlatives
    Jason Isbell on His Best and Most John Prine–Borrowing Work“Back then I was thinking, Man, I’m about to blow these old fuckers away.”
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