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  1. vulture asks
    Vulture Asks: What’s Your Favorite Olympic Event?The Tokyo Olympics have been weird but let’s not forget — some of these events have always been weird.
  2. sports
    Listen, Kids: The 2020 Olympic Games Just Got a Lot More RadicalThe Tokyo games will include skateboarding, surfing, climbing, karate, and baseball/softball.
  3. The Complete Guide to Everything: Tim & Tom Solve Your Friend-Making, […]Tim starts off by promising this will be an all karaoke episode but quickly loses interest and begins discussing the harmonies in Neil Young […]
  4. old hollywood
    Why Does Hollywood Think America Likes Surfing?Because they like surfing.
  5. movie review
    Chasing Mavericks: This Surfing Movie Is Point BlahHow could two Oscar-nominated filmmakers (Curtis Hanson and Michael Apted) have worked on this stiff surfing movie?
  6. clickables
    Watch a Short Surfing Movie Supposedly Edited by a Chimpanzee“JT, the chimp editor, favors quick cuts and ambient sounds.”