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Suzanne Vega

  1. theater review
    Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Is Odd & Sexless & Flat & TiredAnd generally not what we want from the movie or its musical adaptation.
  2. covers
    Hear Britney Spears’s Cover of ‘Tom’s Diner’Whoo, boy. 
  3. testimonies
    Suzanne Vega on Coming of Age in the New York Music Scene“I grew up in New York City, I have a small room, I barely have that to myself, I’m going to play the acoustic guitar, and that ended up being the thing that shaped my style more than anything.”
  4. A Funny Thing #27: The Sing-Along with Julia WiedemanA stranger in a strange land, her mop incarnadine against the native dred, Julia Wiedman wanted what any of us would: simple human connection […]
  5. music
    See Suzanne Vega Perform ‘Tom’s Diner’ With the RootsA web-exclusive clip from her performance on ‘Jimmy Fallon.’
  6. news reel
    David Byrne, Steve Buscemi, Beth Orton Celebrate ‘Stay Awake’Buscemi raps with Sharon Jones, Byrne goes sincere, and Orton brings grown men to tears.
  7. quote machine
    When We Say Selma Blair Has a Big Head, We Mean She Actually Has Big HeadPlus: Jeremy Irons on mopping in airports!