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Swine Flu

  1. divas
    Billy Corgan Will Have None of Your H1N1 Brain Control JuiceDoesn’t he have some pumpkins to smash?
  2. she’s just being miley
    Did Miley Cyrus Have Swine Flu?The rumor mill says yes.
  3. swine flu
    Most Important Backstreet Boy Contracts Swine FluThis week’s promotional appearances for the Backstreet Boys’ new album have been canceled following Brian Littrell’s tragic diagnosis with H1N1 today.
  4. pigging out
    Swine Flu Takes Down BonesWhere are the Jonas Brothers when you need them?
  5. swine flu
    Rupert Grint’s Immune System Is Even Stronger Than Hagrid“It was just like any other flu I have had before.”
  6. voldemort
    Rupert Grint Survives Bout With Swine FluSee, kids, this is EXACTLY why your parents tell you to pay attention during your Defense Against the Dark Arts class.
  7. swine flu
    The Jonas Brothers vs. Swine FluThe Jonas Brothers haven’t canceled a concert over swine flu — they simply requested a night off to find a cure.
  8. pandemics
    Hugh Jackman Stands Defiant in the Face of Certain DeathDon’t forget your mask, Hugh!
  9. swine flu
    The Streets Do Swine FluMike Skinner has immortalized the H1N1 virus in an awesome new jam, “He’s Behind You, He’s Got Swine Flu.”
  10. pandemics
    Oasis Doing Its Best to Avoid Swine FluOr, as the ‘Sun’ put it, “Some might spray.”
  11. swine flu
    Wolverine to Beat Swine FluPaul Dergarabedian says it could earn $85 million to $100 million this weekend.
  12. swine flu
    Which Terrible Plague Will Befall Wolverine Next?The movie’s Mexico City premiere has been postponed due to swine flu, hilariously.