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  1. feel the rain on your skin
    Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney Released Their InhibitionsSinging with Natasha Bedingfield at the People’s Choice Awards.
  2. at the box office
    The Secrets of Anyone But You’s Unexpected Box-Office SuccessThe Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell rom-com’s unlikely journey to blockbusterdom benefitted from a singular confluence of factors.
  3. 1.5x speed
    Who? Weekly Makes a Fake Sydney SweeneyHosts Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber tell us about their AI bit.
  4. movie review
    Anyone But You Has More Sex on Its Mind Than Your Average Rom-ComMovies keep trying to bring back the romantic comedy. This Glen Powell–Sydney Sweeney vehicle might actually bring back the sex comedy instead.
  5. promo
    Nathan Fielder Wants Anything But The Curse of Bad MarketingThe plan? Attract more viewers to his show by trolling Anyone But You.
  6. coming soon
    Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Are the Latest Rom-Com SaviorsDoing the fake-dating and enemies-to-lovers tropes in Anyone But You.
  7. coming soon
    Get Caught in the Madame Web“He was in the Amazon with my mom when she was researching spiders right before she died.”
  8. movie review
    Sydney Sweeney Is Unreally Great in RealityThe Euphoria star plays whistleblower Reality Winner in an HBO film that turns the actual FBI interrogation transcript into a thriller.
  9. trailer mix
    Sydney Sweeney Gets Pushed Over the Edge in Reality“What if I said that you printed out classified information?”
  10. rules of rom coms
    Every Time Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney Promoted Their Rom-com Too WellDo we have another Mr. & Mrs. Smith situation?
  11. anyone but you
    Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney Flirt in Front of CinemaConDay one of CinemaCon brought banter from the Anyone But You stars and bloodshed in the first footage from Kraven and Ridley Scott’s Napoleon.
  12. extremely online
    Sydney Sweeney Defends Family Photos: ‘Please Stop Making Assumptions’Her mom’s birthday photos sparked social-media backlash.
  13. into it
    Sydney Sweeney Is Getting Peak-TV Exposure, but the Hustle ContinuesThe Euphoria star is part of a generation of actors navigating a Hollywood economy increasingly stacked against them.
  14. vulture finance
    Sam Levinson Should Pay Sydney Sweeney’s MortgageShe has a family of multiple cars to feed!
  15. emmys 2022
    Celebrities Are Just Honored to Be Emmy-NominatedWho here had the best morning?
  16. trailer mix
    The Euphoria Season 2 Trailer Wishes You a Happy Rue YearThe makeup is running.
  17. horror
    Which Welcome to the Blumhouse Movies Should You Watch?A guide to Jason Blum’s new horror anthology series on Prime Video.
  18. right click
    Halsey’s ‘Graveyard’ Video Is Basically a Euphoria Episode and Even Stars CassieIs this … the same amusement park?