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  1. synergy
    The 30 Rock Reunion Is Advertisements All the Way DownIn the original run of the show, the ads were usually jokes. In NBC’s one-off reunion special, most of the jokes are ads.
  2. 30 rock
    30 Rock Is Returning in the Most 30 Rock Way ImaginableHosting the NBC upfronts.
  3. synergy!
    Showtime Welcomes RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars to the StageAnd right after telling Ray Donavan to sashay away! It premieres June 5.
  4. synergy
    Next Week Is Kardashian Week Over at the Today ShowCan the family keep up with Kotb?
  5. tube junkie
    The Observer From Fringe Has Been Haunting the Entire Fox NetworkMaybe corporate synergy isn’t such a bad thing, after all!
  6. synergy
    My Horn Can Pierce the SkyPrincess Unicorn gets her own official Website.