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  1. chat room
    Adam Scott on A.C.O.D., Talking Bad, Party Down“I don’t know if anything will ever happen, but in my mind I think what Arrested Development did was ideal.”
  2. breaking bad finale
    11 Breaking Bad Finale Facts Revealed on Talking BadWhy did Walt place his watch on the payphone? Why did Jesse not kill Walt? What made the cameraman cry?
  3. AMC’s Breaking Bad Finale Party Starts WednesdayIt’s doing a full-series marathon and expanding Talking Bad.
  4. Chris Hardwick to Host His Fourth TV Show: ‘Talking Bad’Comedian and podcaster Chris Hardwick is set to break some kind of record for hosting the most simultaneous TV shows at once. At Comic-Con this […]
  5. offshoots
    AMC Following Breaking Bad With Live Talk ShowFor all eight of the final episodes.