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    Mirror Mirror Director Tarsem Singh on Julia Roberts and the Snow White Rivalry Also, how Armie Hammer looks like “the ideal person on the back of a coin.”
  2. Mirror Mirror Trailer: Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer Have a Snow White Movie, TooAnd it may throw you for a loop.
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    One Rival Snow White Movie Gets a TitleIt’ll be called ‘Mirror Mirror’ now.
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    Are You Ready for a ‘Sickeningly Kiddie’ Snow White Movie?“If you want to push the envelope and make Snow White edgy, I think edgy for whom?” says Tarsem Singh. “Edgy for Disney or edgy for Gasper Noé?”
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    Armie Hammer Cast in Singh’s Snow WhiteSaoirse Ronan may play Snow White.
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    Will Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts Both Play Snow White’s Evil Queen?In rival films!?
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    Tarsem Singh Offered The Brothers Grimm: Snow WhiteMirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the unfairest of them all? It’s tough call, because Hollywood’s fight over ‘Snow White’ is getting ugly.