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  1. vulture video
    Video: Who Is the Slow Motion–iest Movie Director?Aside from John Woo, of course.
  2. chat room
    Mirror Mirror Director Tarsem Singh on Julia Roberts and the Snow White Rivalry Also, how Armie Hammer looks like “the ideal person on the back of a coin.”
  3. the industry
    Philip Seymour Hoffman Performs an OverturePlus: Jeff Goldblum joins the ‘Law & Order’ franchise, and someone’s making ‘The Happening,’ but with animals instead of plants.
  4. quote machine
    Sam Waterston Can Barely Keep a Straight Face This TimePlus: Tarsem is totally keeping it simple for his next movie.
  5. trailer mix
    ‘The Fall’ Trailer: Tarsem Returns With More Glorious NonsenseThe director of The Cell has his career resuscitated by Spike Jonze and David Fincher.