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Tca 2012

  1. the whole truth
    The Curious Case of the Newsroom ‘Firings’Will McAvoy would be ashamed!
  2. sorkinese
    Aaron Sorkin Defends The Newsroom, Denies There’s a Woman ProblemHe didn’t fire the entire writing staff, and his ex-girlfriend doesn’t work for the show.
  3. tca 2012
    A Brief Chat With Happy Endings’ Adam PallyHe likes it when you tell him he looks thinner.
  4. tca 2012
    HIMYM Treating Season 8 As If It’s the EndHow I Met Your Mother co-creator and exec producer Craig Thomas tells Vulture that he doesn’t know if the show will get another year.
  5. tca 2012
    Bristol Palin Likes (in No Particular Order) Gays, Money, Reality Shows“Do I like to provide for my son? Yes, I do.”
  6. tca 2012
    Katie Couric Wants a Rematch With Sarah PalinThe former anchor wants the former governor to be a guest on her new daytime talk show.
  7. tca 2012
    Palin: Reality TV Makes My Family Feel Alive!The former governor tells us about her husband’s latest gig, Stars Earn Stripes.
  8. tca 2012
    Ryan Murphy to One Million Moms: Boycott This!He says the conservative group would love the show if they watched.
  9. TCA 2012: NBC’s Chief on the Future of CommunityPossibly a fifth season. If it does well on Fridays, that is.
  10. party chat
    Aaron Sorkin Gave Mindy Kaling Notes on Her New Fox Show They’re friends. It’s fine. Calm down.
  11. it’s britney bitch
    Simon Cowell Tries to Convince Us That Britney Is Just As Mean As He IsHe swears she’s not that innocent.
  12. tca 2012
    Mariah Carey Officially Signs On for IdolYay? Sure. Yay!
  13. party lines
    Matt Weiner on Mad Men Season Five: It’s ‘Every Man for Himself’Jon Hamm reluctantly agrees.
  14. louie
    Louis C.K. Thinks FX Likes Him Too MuchNever underestimate the magic of comedians trash-talking themselves.
  15. tca
    HBO’s Busy TCA Panel: Dustin Hoffman, Ricky Gervais, Lena Dunham, and MorePlus notes on Girls, Veep, Game Change, and more.
  16. meltdowns
    Michael Patrick King Has a Meltdown at 2 Broke Girls’ Panel“I will call you in five years and you will see if these characters are further fleshed out.”
  17. tca 2012
    CBS Exec Says 2 Broke Girls’ Cast Will Be ‘Dimensionalized’Read: The supporting players may become more than “funny-talking Asian” and “horny, hairy immigrant.”