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Tca Summer Press Tour 2013

  1. party chat
    Zooey Deschanel on Season 3 of New GirlAlso: Some folks haven’t gotten over the ending of (500) Days Of Summer.
  2. whedonesque
    Five Things Joss Whedon Said About Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.“There is an element of absurdity in the Marvel universe that’s … satirical and bizarre.”
  3. tca summer press tour 2013
    Seth Meyers Gave Reporters a Late Night UpdateThe show might cut back to four originals per week when he takes over.
  4. tca summer press tour 2013
    CW Boss: Netflix Is Really, Really Important to Our Business ModelAlso: The success of Whose Line will yield more comedies on the C-Dub.
  5. tca summer press tour 2013
    Here Are Some Fresh Homeland SpoilersPlus: A great story about Anne Hathaway sending Claire Danes flowers after doing the cryface on SNL.
  6. tca summer press tour 2013
    Greg Garcia Defends Making Margo Martindale Fart On-cameraTwice.
  7. tca summer press tour 2013
    Meghan McCain on Girls, Being a Liberal Republican, and Her New Talk Show“I friggin’ hung from a trapeze a week ago. It was awful. Wait till you see. I can’t wait till that crap hits the Internet.”
  8. tca summer press tour 2013
    NBC Is Developing a Hillary Clinton MiniseriesDiane Lane is set to play HRC.
  9. tca summer press tour 2013
    8 Things We Learned at Breaking Bad’s TCA PanelVince Gilligan is still high on the Saul spinoff.
  10. tca summer press tour 2013
    Larry David Unsure About More Curb Your Enthusiasm“I’m just an indecisive fella.”