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  1. my single is dropping
    Watch Tenacious D Cover the Who for Safe Gun LawsWith a video directed by Liam Lynch.
  2. the internet
    Yes, Jack Black’s Mom Really Did Help Save Apollo 13Sometimes the internet speaks the truth.
  3. rock 4 the people
    Tenacious D Are Touring the Swing States to Save the PeopleThe comedy-rock duo have announced fall tour, The Purple Nurple Tour – Twisting Hard to the Left!
  4. valentine’s day
    16 Sweet, Tenacious, Crazy Comedy Songs About LoveWhether you love sex, friendship, yourself, or bologna, these songs have you covered.
  5. slam pieces
    Tenacious D Doesn’t Rock Hard Enough for The Economist“You’re too old to rock,” Economist says. “No more rockin’ for you.”
  6. all things thrones
    Tenacious D Members Release an Ode to Jon Snow“Ode to Snow (A Campaign Trail Song)” is the sound of victory.
  7. Festival Supreme Announces Weird Al, Patton Oswalt, Flight of the […] Festival Supreme, the comedy party curated by Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D, has announced the lineup for its fourth annual fest, […]
  8. We Are the Only Collaborative Workspace with a Tenacious D Listening Room, […] As a CreativLancer hustling your way through the gig economy, you know that a robust co-working ecosystem is crucial to your success. That’s […]
  9. Tenacious D’s 2015 Festival Supreme to Feature The Kids in the Hall, Amy […]Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme is set to return for a third year in Los Angeles this fall, and Jack Black and Kyle Gass just revealed its […]
  10. Jack Black Explains Why He’s Like a White Tiger on ‘Late Late Show’Here’s a clip from Kyle Gass and Jack Black’s visit to The Late Late Show on Friday, where the duo explains their friendly weight loss […]
  11. Inside Festival Supreme, Tenacious D’s Comedy Mega-EventIf Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme was any indication, the days of the comedy tent playing second fiddle at music festivals might soon be […]
  12. Jack Black and Kyle Gass Use ‘Electric Company’ Tactics to Promote […] Here’s a promo for Festival Supreme, the massive musical comedy festival that Tenacious D’s Jack Black and Kyle Gass are throwing in LA later […]
  13. Tenacious D, Chris Elliott, Maria Bamford, and Tons More Are Doing […]Everything Is Terrible is having their fourth annual “Everything Is Festival” starting next week, and they have one heck of a lineup for it. […]
  14. Tenacious D, Patton Oswalt, and More Join Austin’s Fun Fun Fun FestAustin music and comedy festival Fun Fun Fun Fest just announced this year’s lineup. Jack Black and Kyle Gass’s band Tenacious D are […]
  15. festivals
    Tenacious D Launches Stacked Comedy FestivalThe lineup includes: Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, and Adam Sandler.
  16. Tenacious D Rocks Out on ‘Conan’ Here’s Tenacious D (Jack Black and Kyle Gass) on Conan last night, belting out a song called “Rock is Dead” off their latest album Rize of the […]
  17. Jack Black and Kyle Gass Talk About ‘Festival Supreme’ Here’s Tenacious D, Jack Black and Kyle Gass, talking to Chelsea Lately guest host Dave Grohl last night about their upcoming giant comedy […]
  18. Tenacious D Wants a Festival with All the Comedy Rock Greats (Weird Al, […] Jack Black and Kyle Gass, members of the comedy rock outfit Tenacious D, spoke to Rolling Stone today on their 20th anniversary as a band, […]
  19. The Grammys Snub Tig Notaro and a Lot of Other Great ComediansLook, the Grammys have always been sort of out of touch when it comes to comedy, often choosing safe, unchallenging stand-up albums over […]
  20. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: Let Tenacious D Entertain You with ‘Jazz’Yes, Tenacious D’s first foray into jazz music is now available for your listening pleasure. Jack Black and Kyle Gass’s first jazz album, […]
  21. Behold, Your First Glimpse of Tenacious D’s New Jazz Album Tenacious D appeared on Craig Ferguson last night to promote their new jazz album, entitled Jazz, a limited edition vinyl-only release. They […]
  22. Weird Al and Reggie Watts Jam for Tenacious D to Dance You might be asking: Why does Weird Al dominate the song like that, basically drowning out the other three guys? But, don’t worry, they were […]
  23. Jack Black Distills the Creative ProcessIn a new Tenacious D interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the boys are asked about the difficulty of having their goal be for every new song […]
  24. Gods of Rock (In Their Own Minds): The Early Days of Tenacious DOne night in 1996, Jack Black and Kyle Gass — the rambunctious, rotund frontmen for the mock rock outfit Tenacious D — stood on […]
  25. This Week In Web Videos: ‘The Roadie with Danny McBride’ If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A lazy idiot’s motto? Perhaps. But in the cruel world of mass market comedy, where we celebrate the laziest […]
  26. Tenacious D Releases New, Unfinished, Music Video Have you been streaming the new Tenacious D record or do you still have a sour taste from the Pick of Destiny fallout? The first music video […]
  27. tenacious d
    Watch the New Tenacious D Video, ‘Rize of the Fenix’The boys are back, now with effects!
  28. tenacious d
    Stream the New Tenacious D Album, Rize of the FenixThe musical-comedy duo returns, is still demented.
  29. Stream the New Tenacious D Album in Full Right This MinuteWant to listen to the new Tenacious D album, Rize of the Fenix, in its entirety? Of course you do! So go do it, right here.
  30. tenacious d
    Funny Promo Video for Tenacious D’s New AlbumWelcome to the Tinnitus Institute!
  31. Tenacious D Give Bob Odenkirk and John Ennis Tinnitus Tenacious D! It’s been awhile. Though they’ve been actively touring, and rocking face-ears live and in person, they’ve been out of the […]
  32. we are but men
    Watch Tenacious D’s New VideoI’ll say kick it, and you’ll just kick it with a tasty groove.
  33. Tenacious D’s New Music Video Has Explosions and Gunfights and a Training […] Here’s the new music video for Tenacious D’s comeback album Rize of the Fenix. Or rather, the comedy video that features Val Kilmer leaping in […]
  34. New Tenacious D Album Slated For 2011The comedy rock stylings of Jack Black and Kyle Gass are coming back later this year, featuring what you’ve come to expect from Tenacious D: […]
  35. music
    Meat Loaf and Jack Black Sing a Duet, ‘Like a Rose’It kind of has an early Beastie Boys sound.
  36. quote machine
    Lily Allen Would’ve Been Even More Awesome in the EightiesPlus: What happened when Tenacious D met Flight of the Conchords!
  37. vulture lists
    10 Greatest Pop-Culture Devils of All TimeWhere does your favorite Satan land on the list?