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Texts From Last Night

  1. texts from last night
    Found: The Many Emojis of Girls’ Shoshanna[Panda with a gun.]
  2. Somehow, Fox Wants to Turn Texts From Last Night Into a SitcomSigh: the website Texts From Last Night, which gathers up funny text messages, is being turned into a TV show for Fox. Big Bang Theory writer […]
  3. what’s up next
    Reboots, Rom-Coms, and the Hulk: Meet the Shows in Development for 2011There’s a ‘Hulk’ remake, some ‘Mad Men’ homages, kung fu cops, and many, many gay character.
  4. the industry
    Mandy Moore to Let Guy From Chuck Play With Her HairPlus: James Cameron! Antony Yelchin! Barry Manilow!