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  1. vulture lists
    Every HBO Show, RankedTaking stock of the premium network’s formidable catalogue.
  2. chapters
    To Fix the Broken Game of Thrones Pilot, HBO Called on Its Secret WeaponThe blockbuster dragon show may have never taken flight if not for the efforts of a trusted fill-in director.
  3. oh?
    The Sopranos’ Michael Imperioli Is Up to SomethingHe’s writing a movie with The Sopranos creator David Chase, and Steve Schirripa is involved.
  4. rip
    Robert LuPone, Sopranos and Broadway Actor, Dead at 76He earned a Tony nomination for A Chorus Line and co-founded the Off Broadway MCC Theater.
  5. remembrance
    ‘The Lowest Form of Conversation’David Chase remembers The Sopranos great Tony Sirico.
  6. rip
    The Sopranos Star Tony Sirico Has Died at 79“I am proud to say I did a lot of my best and most fun work with my dear pal Tony,” Michael Imperioli wrote in a tribute.
  7. book excerpt
    ‘You Don’t Understand What This Is Doing to Me’In the age of anti-heroes Tony Soprano reigned supreme. In his new book James Andrew Miller explores the toll the character took on James Gandolfini.
  8. q&a
    Many Saints of Newark’s Alessandro Nivola on the Tragedy of Dickie MoltisantiThe actor who plays Tony Soprano’s mentor talks Raging Bull, whether Uncle Sally is real, and his own Italian American experience.
  9. close reads
    Decoding The Many Saints of Newark’s Parallels With The SopranosSeven ways the new Sopranos film echoes the original series and treats its story as mythology that can be retold, reinterpreted, and revised.
  10. last night on late night
    James Gandolfini Wanted to Play a ‘Blue-Collar’ Gabagool Boss on The Office“He was shy and intrigued,” B.J. Novak confirms.
  11. role call
    Drea de Matteo Answers All Our Questions About That Episode of The SopranosYou know the one.
  12. movie review
    The Many Saints of Newark Can’t Bring Back The SopranosThe Sopranos prequel is interesting to consider as a companion piece to the series, less so as a movie in its own right.
  13. streamliner
    The Revised HBO Max App Still Takes Its TimeBetter, but not quite bada-bing.
  14. profile
    How Do You Follow The Sopranos?David Chase returns to the masterpiece he’s been unable to escape since it went off the air 14 years ago.
  15. trailer mix
    Young Tony Soprano Learns Capo 101 in the Many Saints of Newark TrailerWith James Gandolfini’s son in the starring role.
  16. what might have been
    Alec Baldwin Tried to Call Dibs on Whoever Was Going to ‘Whack’ Tony Soprano“They were like, ‘Uh-huh, sure. Great. We’ll add your name to the list.’”
  17. encounter
    The Sopranos Star Aida Turturro Finds Her Second Calling on Cameo“When I’m old and gray, I’ll be going, ‘Look, they liked me! They said they liked me!’ ”
  18. wait what?
    That Time the Knicks Rebooted The Sopranos to Try and Lure LeBron JamesGandolfini tried to recruit James to New York via his famous Jersey mobster.
  19. first person
    I Couldn’t Imagine Being Happy. But I Could Imagine Being Carmela.I found my model for womanhood in an unlikely place: The Sopranos.
  20. born under a bad sign
    Why The Sopranos Has Become a Zoomer TouchstoneA generation that was largely still in utero when the series premiered is turning to Tony & Co. to help make collective sense of its conditions.
  21. a hit’s a hit
    James Gandolfini Loved Green Day “He also named his dog dookie and used it in his email address.”
  22. encounters
    Cristin Milioti, ForeverIn Palm Springs, she plays a furious depressive stuck in a time loop. It’s the rom-com role she was meant to play.
  23. bada bing
    Tony Soprano Is Alive and Well in This New Sopranos Quarantine SceneWritten by the maestro himself, David Chase.
  24. stay inside
    HBO Will Let You Stream Some Shows and Movies For Free, As A Quarantine TreatNo subscription required (for now).
  25. vulture lists
    Et tu, Avon? 15 of TV’s Most Wrenching BetrayalsThe Ides of March is upon us, which means it’s time to revel in the best messy drama and ice-cold treachery television has to offer.
  26. soundtracks
    The Dos and Don’ts of Needle-DropsThe right song can make or break a scene, so here are some clues for picking the best music cues.
  27. following footsteps
    Michael Gandolfini Had Never Watched The Sopranos Before His Prequel Audition“I started having crazy dreams.”
  28. reboots
    We Might Actually Get a Sopranos RebootLet’s explore this!
  29. the sopranos
    Everything We Know About the Sopranos Prequel MovieIt’s set to hit theaters September 25, 2020.
  30. casting
    Ray Liotta in Talks for Sopranos Prequel Which Had Somehow Not Already Cast HimThe movie would be set in the 1960s.
  31. casting
    James Gandolfini’s Son to Play Young Tony Soprano in The Many Saints of NewarkThe movie will be a prequel to HBO’s The Soprano.
  32. close reads
    In Defense of The Sopranos’ ShagginessEighty-six episodes is a lot of TV, but The Sopranos used its long run to build a rich, deep, and utterly believable world.
  33. the sopranos
    The Sopranos Cast Shares Their Favorite James Gandolfini StoriesThe 20th-anniversary celebration of HBO’s landmark gangster drama was a “lovefest” for its late star.
  34. vulture lists
    The 10 Greatest Episodes of The SopranosTwenty years ago, David Chase’s HBO gangster thriller changed television forever.
  35. book excerpt
    Does Tony Live or Die at the End of The Sopranos?Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall debate TV’s most famous ending.
  36. Watch an Architecture Expert Weigh In on Iconic Movie Buildings“Man, sitcom apartments … first of all, why are they so big?”
  37. tv
    The Sopranos Prequel Movie Has a DirectorThis just got real.
  38. last night on late night
    SNL Sends Donald Trump Off, Sopranos Finale StyleThey even got Journey song rights!
  39. edie falco
    Coffee With Edie Falco, Buddhist Mom of the West VillageOn her early years in New York, why Louis C.K. deserves another chance, and why this is “the last dying gasp of rich white men.”
  40. the sopranos
    David Chase Is Developing Sopranos Prequel Movie, The Many Saints of NewarkThe Many Saints of Newark is expected to include characters from the original show.
  41. obits
    Goodfellas and Sopranos Actor Frank Vincent Dead at 78The character actor died Wednesday during open-heart surgery.
  42. fan theories
    4 Alternate Fan Theories on the Endings of Classic TV ShowsTony’s dead, Walt’s not, and Phoebe’s hooked on meth.
  43. casting couch
    Edie Falco Will Play a Lawyer in NBC’s True-Crime Menendez Brothers Mini-SeriesThe true-crime wave just keeps getting bigger.
  44. spooky
    A Brief History of TV Shows Being Compared to Twin PeaksFrom Atlanta to Northern Exposure.
  45. vulture festival 2016
    David Chase on Gandolfini’s Commitment to TonyDavid Chase shares a hilarious on-set story about the late Sopranos star.
  46. auctions
    Tony Soprano’s White F*cking Cadillac Escalade Sells for F*cking $119,780Fuggedaboutit.
  47. stay tuned
    Which One Sopranos Episode Should I Watch?Plus: Which TV shows entice single dudes?
  48. tv
    David Chase on the Legacy of Twin PeaksThe Sopranos creator talks to Matt Zoller Seitz about the surreal brilliance of (the hopefully returning!) series.
  49. whacked
    David Chase Offers Response to ‘Tony Soprano Didn’t Die’ ArticleSo stop asking for one.
  50. obsessions
    Here’s David Chase’s Lengthy Analysis of the Final Sopranos SceneLots of detail, but still no definitive answer about the end.
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