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The Aftermath

  1. cuckolds
    In Praise of Jason Clarke, Hollywood’s Go-to CuckoldThe Australian actor has carved out a healthy sideline playing some of the most disappointing husbands in contemporary cinema.
  2. movie review
    Not Even Keira Knightley Can Save the Emotionally Constipated The AftermathWhich is a shame, because these old-fashioned romantic dramas are dying out on the big screen.
  3. party report
    Keira Knightley Agrees the Atonement Bookshelf Sex Scene Was Her Best EverIt’s all about choreography.
  4. the aftermath
    So, How Did They Keep Beyoncé Secret?First, it went by the codename Lily.
  5. the aftermath
    Saltz: Glimmers of Optimism at the Chelsea GalleriesLast Wednesday all seemed lost. By Sunday, the mood was, “We’ll be back.”