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  1. stop the count!
    They Made Roy Cohn More Orange Than Donald TrumpJeremy Strong and Sebastian Stan are plotting in The Apprentice first-look images.
  2. coming soon
    Sebastian Stan to Play Young Donald Trump in Ali Abbasi’s The ApprenticeOpposite Jeremy Strong as Roy Cohn.
  3. potus
    Former Apprentice Staffers Doubt Donald Trump N-Word Tape Actually Exists“If there was a tape, it would have spread like wildfire,” one editor says.
  4. Ex-Apprentice Producer Says Trump’s Comments Were ‘Very Much a Racist Issue’It was “very much a racist issue,” Bill Pruitt claims.
  5. Clay Aiken: Trump Didn’t Actually Decide Who Got Fired From Celebrity Apprentice“It was very much, ‘I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.’”
  6. The Big Bang Theory’s Creator Trolled Trump Over Apprentice Ratings Last Night“Defeat terrorism and crazy dictators? He couldn’t even defeat Two and a Half Men.”
  7. high-stress jobs
    Howard Stern: The Presidency Could Be ‘Detrimental’ to Trump’s Mental Health“Because he wants to be liked, he wants to be loved. He wants people to cheer for him.”
  8. we demand an ep credit for our work
    Suggestions for Arnold’s Apprentice Catchphrase“I’ll be back. You won’t.”
  9. the tv industry
    Trump Says He’ll Devote Zero Time to ApprenticeHe also misspelled the word “ridiculous.”
  10. vandalism
    Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star Was Vandalized by a Man With a SledgehammerFirst they came for the sidewalks.
  11. 2016 election
    Schwarzenegger: I Wanted to Run for PresidentA dark timeline, or the darkest timeline?
  12. emmys
    The Emmys to Trump: Our Awards Aren’t RiggedHere’s a chart to prove it!
  13. NBC Execs Concerned About Schwarzenegger’s PastNBC suddenly remembered that Schwarzenegger also has a reputation with women.
  14. trump tape
    Mark Burnett: ‘I am NOT ‘Pro-Trump’’“I am not now and have never been a supporter of Donald Trump’s candidacy.”
  15. fallout
    Mark Burnett Weighs in on the Other Trump TapesSilences continue to be broken.
  16. the art of the deal
    Michael Moore ‘Knows for a Fact’ That Donald Trump Doesn’t Want to Be PresidentMoore theorizes Celebrity Apprentice negotiations got out of hand.
  17. Donald Trump’s 5 Most Offensive Moments From The ApprenticeIt’s just the tip of the iceberg, really.
  18. republican national convention
    Trump Taps Apprentice Star Omarosa for New Job “You’re hired.”
  19. Donald Trump Will Host SNLOn November 7.
  20. the donald
    NBC Chairman Understands That Donald Trump Is a Bit of a Liability Of course, that’s why The Apprentice is still on the air.
  21. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Young Tina Fey Was Weird But Her Star Wars Views Were Dead OnPlus, Gary Busey talks some classically awkward smack about Meatloaf, on our regular late-night roundup.
  22. ABC’s My Generation Is the Second Fall Cancellation’Lone Star’ has some unfortunate company.
  23. your tv ratings explained
    TV Ratings: Bye, Generation!Is My Generation the next Lone Star?
  24. With Lone Star Gone, Which Shows Will Get Canceled Next?We’ve autopsied the early Nielsen data and come up with six more shows most in danger of joining ‘Lone Star’ in TV heaven.
  25. ratings
    New Season of The Apprentice FlopsHard.
  26. revivals
    Donald Trump, NBC to Bring Back The ApprenticeTrump pledges to change “psychology of America.”