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  1. discourse
    Arsenio Hall on Hosting His Talk Show During the L.A. Riots: ‘I Was Twitter’The comedian reflects on his powerful 1992 episode.
  2. the eric andre show
    The Eric Andre Show Was the Only Late Show Weird Enough for 2016It’s powered by its creator’s agonizing awareness of the banality of late-night talk shows and the urgent need to destroy them.
  3. CBS Abruptly Cancels ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ After One SeasonDespite getting renewed for a second season that was announced by Arsenio Hall and Jay Leno in late February, THR reports that CBS has now […]
  4. cancellations
    The Arsenio Hall Show CanceledFarewell, sweet dog pound.
  5. ‘Arsenio’ Writer Suing Hall and CBS for $2M for Failing to Promote Him to […]A broken promise has turned into a $2 million lawsuit for The Arsenio Hall Show and CBS, where writer Paul Raff claims he was unfairly cheated […]
  6. Watch Bill Cosby Do Standup on ‘Arsenio’The great Bill Cosby was a guest on last night’s Arsenio, where he delivered the above standup set about fathers, being poor, broken chairs, […]
  7. Tracy Morgan Tells Arsenio Hall About His Crack Dealing DaysOn last night’s Arsenio, Tracy Morgan looked back on his last job before show business when he worked as a sensitive crack dealer, or as he […]
  8. come and jump on it
    Hear Ginuwine Sing ‘Pony’ on ArsenioHe’s just a little hoarse.
  9. George Wallace and Arsenio Hall Defend Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedy Diversity […] Last night on The Arsenio Hall Show, Hall and guest George Wallace took a few moments to defend Jerry Seinfeld a month after he made some […]
  10. last night on late night
    Prince: Stop Touching My Hair, PeopleIt’s his biggest pet peeve. 
  11. Jay Leno Sneaks on ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ to Announce Its Season 2 Renewal During Arsenio’s monologue last night, Jay Leno – notably not wearing a denim shirt – snuck up behind him with an important-looking envelope […]
  12. Arsenio Hall and Brian Williams Have a 48-Hour Feud In a Monday Nightly News segment about late night hosts, Brian Williams presented a Brady Bunch-style graphic of hosts including Conan […]
  13. Eric Andre Models R. Kelly Underwear, Announces Season 3 of ‘The Eric […] Eric Andre was a guest on Friday’s Arsenio, where he shared the news that The Eric Andre Show, his intentional train wreck talk show parody […]
  14. Last Night, Arsenio Hall Met ArScheerio Paul Arsenio Hall did a little time traveling last night when Paul Scheer’s ArScheerio Paul stopped by to sit on the back of chairs, talk to the […]
  15. Key and Peele’s Valets Went Crazy for Arsenio Halls Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key were on The Arsenio Hall Show last night, and when Arsenio mentioned that he was a big fan of their valet […]
  16. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall Talked About Why They Never Made a Sequel to […] Eddie Murphy made a rare late night appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show last night, and since this year is the 25th anniversary of their […]
  17. Childish Gambino Performed on ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ Last Night Donald Glover stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show last night as his rapper alter ego, Childish Gambino, where he talked leaving Community and his […]
  18. ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ Did Great in the Ratings Last NightArsenio Hall’s comeback is going pretty well so far. The Arsenio Hall Show went off the air in 1995 but returned last night, and the ratings on […]
  19. After Nearly 20 Years Off the Air, ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ Is BackArsenio Hall’s revival of his self-titled early ‘90s late night show is set to debut tonight. The Arsenio Hall Show is airing in syndication in […]
  20. Watch 7 New Episodes of Paul Scheer’s Arsenio Hall Homage, Featuring Seth […] In April, Paul Scheer launched a new web series called The ArScheerio Paul Show, in which he and a guest perform improvised reenactments of a […]
  21. Catch Your First Glimpse of the Arsenio Hall Comeback This summer, Arsenio Hall announced he’s returning to TV for another late night talk show that’ll be syndicated on 17 stations across the […]