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The Baby Borrowers

  1. the take
    Psychiatrists Accuse Ben Silverman of Stealing BabiesThe American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has a problem with ‘Baby Borrowers.’
  2. the take
    Can ‘Baby Borrowers’ Undo the ‘Juno’ Effect?Remember how cute Ellen Page was in ‘Juno’? All spunky and adorable and, you know, pregnant?
  3. vulture lists
    20 Worst Reality Shows of SummerCompetitive vomiting! Baby borrowing! Joey Fatone! You are now entering the unscripted apocalypse.
  4. strike zone
    Writers’ Strike Gets Depressing AgainDespite some optimism on Monday over a possible deal, the writers’ strike, now in its fourth week, has not yet been resolved.
  5. news reel
    TV Upfronts: What’s New on NBC