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The Back Up Plan

  1. american idol
    Steven Tyler Loves J.Lo’s MoviesHas he seen ‘Monster in Law’?
  2. summer of semen
    Sperm-Donor Comedies Really Old-Fashioned’The Switch’ has a pro-family message a conservative could love.
  3. weekend box office
    Dragon Is Back on TopKids pretty much rule Hollywood.
  4. the industry
    More Bad News for The Back-Up PlanFirst the online leak, and now marketing data predicts a terrible opening weekend.
  5. uho
    Jennifer Lopez’s Back-Up Plan Leaks Online Before Its Due DateNow here is something we bet Jennifer Lopez does not have a backup plan for!
  6. the industry
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Picks Up James Franco’s ScrapsPlus: Stephen Dorff is so back.
  7. the industry
    Gore Verbinski Tired of PiracyPlus: Jackie Chan to make action movie.