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The Beatles Rock Band

  1. disappointments
    Sales of The Beatles: Rock Band Aren’t Living Up to Lofty ExpectationsConsumers bought almost three times as many copies of the new Halo installment.
  2. mysteries
    Final Beatles: Rock Band Song a SurpriseSo far, the names of only 44 of the 45 songs featured in next week’s The Beatles: Rock Band have been announced.
  3. awesome
    Beatles Video Game to Bring Christmas in SeptemberYou know how regular versions of Rock Band make you play through the entire game to unlock all of the included songs? The Beatles: Rock Band won’t make you do that.
  4. yoko ono
    Yoko Ono Nearly Breaks Up Beatles Video-Game Development Team“John needs to own the performance … Where he’s looking and the look in his eye at every moment matters and affects people.”
  5. video games
    Beatles Video Game’s Three-Part Harmonizing Feature to Cause Fussing and Fighting, My FriendIn our apartment, all parts of “Because” will be sung flawlessly by every player, or our TBRB parties will end as acrimoniously as the Beatles did.
  6. awesome
    Animated Intro for Beatles Video Game Basically Better Than Yellow SubmarineIf you’re one of those people who enjoys the music of the Beatles, then prepare for your head to explode.
  7. The Beatles: Rock Band Gets World’s Greatest Plastic Drum SetWe certainly hadn’t planned on purchasing another fake drum set for our already-crowded living room, but look at this thing!
  8. videogames
    The Beatles: Rock Band Gets Trailer, Partial Track ListingThe game arrives on 09/09/09.
  9. video games
    The Beatles: Rock Band Drops in SeptemberStart saving up for another plastic drum set!