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    The Twenty Grisliest TV Death Scenes of the 2012-13 SeasonA gruesome slideshow to drive the final nail into our Best of TV week’s coffin.
  2. the best of tv
    John Hodgman Picks His 5 Favorite TV Thingies of the Year … From the FutureThe Daily Show correspondent wrote in — from the future! (actually, from present-day Chicago) — to cap off our Best of TV week.
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    Seitz Picks the 5 Best TV Dramas of the YearDid these shows make your list, too?
  4. the best of tv
    Seitz: Noah Emmerich Is the Best Dramatic Performer of the YearIn what is meant to be a supporting role, the great character actor pulls off the neat trick of seeming like the protagonist.
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    The 10 Toughest TV Farewells of the YearGossip Girl and Liz Lemon, we’ll miss you forever.
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    The 10 Best Oral-Sex-Face GIFs of the 2012–13 Television SeasonActing!
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    Seitz Picks the 5 Best TV Comedies of the YearJoin us as we laugh all the way to the top.
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    Seitz: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Is the Best Comic Performer of the YearSomehow, the Veep star manages to make a horrible idiot like Selina Meyer extremely likeable.
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    Mindy Kaling: This Season’s Most Unexpectedly Great Physical ComedianThere’s her rom-com expertise, and there’s her work with stripper poles.
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    The Best TV Strategies of the Past Year — and a Really Bad OneYes, even TV executives get it right sometimes (except when they don’t).
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    The 10 Best Moments From This Season’s Many, Many Awards ShowsWant your awards ceremony to be memorable? In a name: Amy Poehler.
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    The Year’s Most Suspenseful SceneOn paper, the “Dead Freight” train heist sounds pretty convoluted. The episode’s director tells us how he pulled it off.
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    The 10 Best Outfits We Spotted on TV This SeasonWedding dresses, party dresses, and a few great suits.
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    Seitz Picks the 5 Best Episodes of Television This YearSo many choices, so few spots to fill!
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    This Season’s 10 Best Reality-Show Freak-outsAll the best screaming, slapping, and general insanity.
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    TV’s Most Valuable Guest Star Is Patton Oswalt TV’s favorite obsessive chewed up scenes on Parks and Rec, Justified, Bob’s Burgers, and more.
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    Watch a Supercut of the Year’s Best TV DrunksGrab your work flask and enjoy!
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    The 10 Best TV Shows You (Probably) Didn’t Watch This SeasonSome heavy dramas. And some insane reality shows, too.
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    The 10 Best Saturday Night Live Sketches of the SeasonRevisiting “Maine Justice,” “Swarovski Crystals,” “Lincoln,” and more! 
  20. Best Haircut: Robin Wright on House of CardsShort hair with the versatility of long hair!
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    Seitz Picks the 5 Most Visually Wondrous Moments of the Past YearEven on television, wordless moments can speak volumes.
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    Most Delightfully Batshit Show: Scandal“Am I going to be shooting a gun? Firing up a drill? I’m pretty comfortable with all the power tools now.”
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    Seitz on the Most Improved Show: ScandalFrom guilty pleasure to unabashed pleasure in twelve months flat.
  24. the best of tv
    The Best Villain of the YearWe loved to hate this guy.
  25. the best of tv
    Best TV Parents of the Year: Bob and Linda Belcher From Bob’s Burgers“Thank you for loving me / Thank you for being there.” Who else has that song?
  26. it begins
    This Week: Vulture Picks the Best of the Year in TVAll week long, we’ll be picking the greatest shows, performances, moments, and more, from June 1, 2012, through June 1, 2013.