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The Best Sex I Ever Read

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    The Best Sex I’ve Ever Read: A Very Public Bus-Stop Kiss“The narrator is discovering that his lover has a kink for exhibitionism,” says Alexander Chee, “and the narrator might share it.”
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    The Best Sex I’ve Ever Read: A Breastfeeding Housewife’s Nostalgic Lust“I often think of this passage from Bird because of how uncomfortable it made me,” says Three Women author Lisa Taddeo, “and how much I like that.”
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    The Best Sex That Less Author Andrew Sean Greer Has Ever Read“Instead of thinking, How will I describe a penis?, you think, What else is sex? What else will bring it alive to people?
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    The Best Sex Kristen Arnett Has Ever Read“It’s extremely queer to be like, I’m deeply sad, but it’s making me horny.
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    The Best Sex Julia May Jonas Has Ever Read“Knausgaard is always looking at the people around him as objects. It feels like someone who’s not fully comfortable writing about sex.”
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    The Best Sex Melissa Febos Has Ever Read“Eileen Myles invented this thing to compare sex to. It is absolutely working, but it is breaking a lot of the rules.”
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    The Best Sex Melissa Broder Has Ever Read“If you can get off to one story more than ten times, that’s a win.”
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    The Best Sex Emily M. Danforth Has Ever ReadThe Miseducation of Cameron Post author on the ineffable pleasures of Patricia Highsmith’s The Price of Salt.
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    The Best Sex Raven Leilani Has Ever ReadThe author of Luster on the ecstatic, violent joy of Susan Choi’s My Education.
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    Philip Roth’s Erotic Pee Scene Is One of the Most Tender Moments in LiteratureWhat so many other writers might use just for shock value, Roth uses in a way that encapsulates these two people’s love for each other.
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    The Best Sex I Ever Read Was By the Famously ‘Dick-Centric’ Henry MillerMary Gaitskill on one of the few passages where the author praises someone’s vagina.
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    The Best Sex I Ever Read: Mrs. CalibanIn which a woman meets a hot amphibian.