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The Bible

  1. the industry
    Chiwetel Ejiofor May Play the Apostle PeterIn the Biblical epic Mary Magdalene.
  2. modest proposals
    Step Aside, Noah: 5 Other Bible Movies and Who Should Direct ThemWhy Wes Anderson should direct a Jonah epic.
  3. NBC Will Air Sequel to The Bible MiniseriesThe Bible II: More Bible. (We kid! It’s A.D.: Beyond the Bible.)
  4. In Response to Your Manuscript, ‘The Bible,’ by Ben GodarDear Authors, Thank you for the opportunity to read your manuscript, The Bible. After careful consideration, I regret to inform you we are […]
  5. double-dipping
    Beloved Miniseries The Bible Becoming a MovieMark Burnett and History’s ten-parter is being recut into a three-hour film about Jesus.
  6. the network death spiral
    Ye Gods! The Bible and Vikings Are Massive HitsMeanwhile, Red Widow and Celebrity Apprentice both bomb.
  7. god of hosts
    Jeff Foxworthy Called to Host American Bible ChallengeIt’s the Bible game show you’ve been waiting for.
  8. bible study
    Mark Burnett Declines to Make Bible Reality ShowInstead, he’s making a “docudrama.”
  9. lady gaga
    A Line-by-Line Biblical Analysis of Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’“I’m just a holy fool” does not appear in the Bible.