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The Bounty Hunter

  1. one for the money
    Watch a Mash-Up Proving One for the Money and The Bounty Hunter Are the Same MovieMovies are like this now.
  2. unkudos
    Last Airbender, SATC 2, Twilight Among Razzie Nominees’The Bounty Hunter’ is also among the dishonored.
  3. your dvd calendar
    The DVD Queue: Play the Chloe Guess-the-Crazy-Ending Game, and Debate Whether Greenberg Is Irritating in a Good Way
  4. commercials
    Meet the Woman Responsible for Making Sure Jennifer Aniston Isn’t Getting Groped on Movie PostersImportant stuff here.
  5. pranks
    Gerard Butler Caught Grabbing Jen Aniston’s ButtPhoto shows what goes on behind the scenes in fan photos.
  6. critical drubbings
    A.O. Scott: Butler and Aniston Play ‘Blunted, Dumbed-Down Caricatures’’Times’ critic tears ‘Bounty Hunter’ apart in amusing fashion.
  7. cheek by jowl
    Face-off: The Bounty Hunter’s Gerard Butler vs. Boba FettCan Gerard Butler keep up with cinema’s most ruthless bounty hunter?
  8. the industry
    Jason Sudeikis to Woo Jennifer Aniston, UnsuccessfullyPlus: ‘Red Dawn’! ‘Bride of Frankenstein’! Greg Kinnear!